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Now you can trade your iPhone-captured selfies for real cash

Now you can trade your iPhone-captured selfies for real cash

September 22, 2015

Pay Your Selfie, a new service and iOS app, allows iPhone owners like you and me to earn a quick buck through taking a selfie snap using your handset’s front-facing camera.

As bizarre as it sounds, Pay Your Selfie is a legit enterprise (or so it seems). The gist is simple enough to grasp: in the app, users can check on so-called "selfie tasks" which are published weekly, and which retail in the application for $1 each. From here, iPhone owners can shoot a selfie which satisfies the task’s criteria before adding their image to the task in question, and once a total of $20 has been accumulated a check will arrive in the mail.

You can also choose to donate your $20 to charity, if you prefer.

In a press release, Pay Your Selfie explains:

Available for iOS and Android, Pay Your Selfie works like this: users download the app for free and start taking selfies that match "selfie tasks" worth cash, such as showing off your tattoo, dancing at a concert, or sipping your favorite soda. New tasks valued up to $1 each are available weekly. Users also can import selfies from their smartphone’s camera roll.

Just like we said. But where do all those selfies go, and do you retain any kind of rights over your images? Well, since cash is exchanging hands, we’d imagine the answer to the latter question is "no." And luckily, the same press release has some information concerning the former query.

It reads:

Pay Your Selfie offers sponsored selfie opportunities to advertisers for brand engagement and consumer insights. "We connect brands with consumers in a unique and engaging way," said Smyth. "People who use our app say it’s a fun and easy way to earn a buck. For brands, we deliver a direct way to reach active and social consumers who like to express their lifestyles through selfies."

So, there you have it. You can start earning cash for selfies right now, in Pay Your Selfie for iOS. It’s available free of charge and is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch only.

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