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Shoto makes sharing pictures with others easier than ever

Shoto makes sharing pictures with others easier than ever

September 24, 2015

We all know how frustrating it can be trying to get perfect pictures of your vacation, event, or concert. This gets especially difficult when you have multiple people taking pictures, because you have to coordinate getting those images from everyone. Shoto, an app that saves you from ever having to ask a friend to text, email, or share a Dropbox link to see photos again, has been updated to take full advantage of several key features of iOS 9.


What is Shoto?

Shoto is a free mobile app that lets you discover the photos you and your friends took together. Using your phone’s geotag information embedded in the images, Shoto organizes photographs into albums for secure, private photo sharing. All you need to do is add your contacts into the app, have your friends and family members download Shoto, and the app can recognize which friends were with you taking pictures. The developers say it can do this thanks to an advanced algorithm that reads the location, date and time of your photos, as well as your contacts.


What’s new with Shoto?

To make finding those pictures even easier, you can now search for friends, places, and photos in Shoto directly from the iPhone’s Spotlight search. You can also view all of the shots from a trip or album in the iPhone’s Maps app, making it easy to see the “where” of each image. The developers have also improved the user interface, so getting those pictures is a completely frictionless process.


Photo sharing made easier

Thanks to Shoto, you never have to worry about missing a great picture from Yosemite Park again. One of your buds get an awesome shot of El Capitan? Thanks to sharing with Shoto, you’ll be able to easily request those images for your own collection.


Shoto is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and requires iOS 8 or later. Some features, of course, require iOS 9. You can download Shoto for free on the App Store, without any advertisements or in-app purchases.

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