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When 7 isn’t enough, try The Eleven Minute Workout

When 7 isn’t enough, try The Eleven Minute Workout

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September 8, 2015

For an intensive full-body workout that adds a few extra minutes onto your exercise routine, comes The Eleven Minute Workout. Based on workouts designed by the Royal Canadian Air Force, this exercise app provides a total fitness plan that lets you work out like a pilot.

The Eleven Minute Workout Features of the app

The Eleven Minute Workout has six levels containing exercises with variations of pushups, leg raises, sit-ups, stationary running, and more. You can view your progress on graded graphs or with percentages per each of the levels, which get increasingly more difficult. Workouts can also be paused and resumed as needed.

The Eleven Minute Workout Additional app options

Each workout has a clock that counts up or down. When time is up, you can enter the amount of repetitions you performed or restart the exercise. You can see the exercises demonstrated with animations or view a nice text description. You can also set up daily reminders so that you never miss a workout. Here is a preview of The Eleven Minute Workout. Just click here if you cannot view the video:

Future updates

There is currently no music available or background sounds during your workouts except the clock ticking as it nears the end. However, this is planned for a future update as well as a more advanced tracking feature and the ability to export your workout data. The app has a clean interface with the intended old time pamphlet look from the Air Force for styling.

The Eleven Minute Workout is universal and available for free with one workout on the App Store. To access all routines, there is an in-app purchase for $1.99.

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