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You can now use Apple Pay in at least some Best Buy stores

You can now use Apple Pay in at least some Best Buy stores

September 17, 2015

Since April, Best Buy has accepted Apple Pay for in-app purchases. The United States electronics retailer recently announced the iPhone-based mobile payment service would roll out to its stores, and it seems like that process is beginning to happen. A recent YouTube video, along with a thread on Reddit, confirm customers successfully making debit and credit card purchases using Apple Pay at different Best Buy stores in California. See the video below, or click here if it fails to load.

Now that Best Buy’s three-year exclusivity period with Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) is over, the retailer is permitted to support other NFC payment services than the not-yet-launched CurrentC. Best Buy joins other MCX retailers like Rite Aid and Meijer in accepting Apple Pay, but some, like Walmart, have no current plans to support the service.

Best Buy has not yet officially announced enabling Apple Pay for transactions in-store, but did confirm in April that the support would roll out later in 2015. It’s clear that at least some stores have it turned on. Given Best Buy’s close ties with Apple, I’m very pleased to see this payment option becoming available. It’s never made sense to me that one of Apple’s chief retail partners didn’t support the contactless payment method.

If you’re curious whether or not your particular location supports Apple Pay, I suggest calling or trying it out in-store. If it works for you, let us know which store you visited and how well it worked in the comments below.

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