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You know you want to share your video, so get Vidzy

You know you want to share your video, so get Vidzy

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September 21, 2015

Discover something cool and share your own awesome videos with an app that lets you watch and create teasers. Vidzy lets you record up to five whole minutes of video, starting with a short teaser, to share with other users or on social media.

VidzyCreate your video

Recording your video is as easy as tapping the button. When you have finished, the app will break up the video into scenes so that you can choose three for the teaser. Next you can crop, edit, adjust the speed, and apply a filter effect. You can then add nifty audio to go along with your teaser. So, brag about the video of your first skydiving experience or describe what cute thing your dog is about to do. This way, viewers can not only see a preview of your video, but hear about it too. When you are done, just give your creation a title and tag.

VidzyDiscover and explore

On the flip side of Vidzy, you can check out other people’s creations as well. The main page is sorted by tags, so pick something fun, cute, beautiful, or artistic. Then to view the teaser, just hold down on the video until it pops up and watch the full recording from there. You can follow other users, share videos you love, and even download them. You will also be notified when someone else watches your video creation.

VidzyEasy to use

Vidzy is simple to use and navigate. The video editing screen is uncomplicated and there are several filtering effects to choose from like vignette, vintage, and sepia. The audio that can be added to the teaser is a nice feature and it is not required, so if your teaser can speak for itself you are good to go.

Vidzy is universal and available for free with no in-app purchases on the App Store.

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