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Review: Skiva StandCharger 7-Port Multi USB Charging Station

Review: Skiva StandCharger 7-Port Multi USB Charging Station

October 2, 2015

Company: Skiva
Product:StandCharger 7-Port Multi USB Charging Station
Price: $64.99
Compatibility: All iOS devices
Date: Oct. 2, 2015

The Product

It’s an occupational hazard working for AppAdvice, but I have more than a few iOS devices at my house. And no matter how they are used, each one ends up at the same place – on my home computer desk in desperate need of being charged immediately. While I have more than enough cables and USB ports, it’s previously led to a huge and tangled mess that doesn’t exactly look nice.

But there is a better way – a charging station. And Skiva recently unveiled its StandCharger that can charge up to seven USB devices at one time.

The stand itself is a rectangular shaped piece of black plastic. The USB ports are located on the right side while the power button is near the front. After getting everything set, you can plug in the extra-long power cable, hit the power button, and start charging.

Each USB port offers up to 2.4 amps of power, meaning it will charge up to seven devices – like an iPad or iPhone – with the maximum possible speed.


You can charge up to seven USB devices at one time.

I’ve been using the charger for a few weeks and have really been pleased. It’s done all you could ask of a device like this – charge my iPhones and iPads quickly and without any issues. It can also charge any device that uses a USB cable.

The stand offers built-in technology to protect from overheating, overcharging, over-current, and over-voltage scenarios. It can also work internationally with a voltage range of 100-220V AC.

As a nice touch, the bottom of the stand itself and each of the seven compartments are protected with a rubbery non-slip material. That will prevent the stand from sliding around your desk or the devices from wiggling around in their compartments.

Before you take the plunge, there are a few downsides to note. Most importantly, Skiva doesn’t provide any Lightning cables to go along with the stand. That means you might need to purchase more depending on your situation. While you can find a short MFi-certified Lightning cable for less than $8 each these days, that extra cost could quickly add up. Including one or two short cables would really make the entire package more worthwhile for its retail price.

With that in mind, Skiva does include seven cable ties in the package so you can easily use existing cables. In my case, I simply used the tie to turn my normal-length cable into a short version and placed the extra length behind the stand, hidden from view.

And while the compartments to fit your iOS device are well made and should help keep your iPad or iPhone from sliding around, I would have like to have seen some option to allow for user adjustment. My wife’s school-issued iPad, protected by a hideous extra-bulky case, was too large to fit in a charging compartment.

But overall, I’ve really been pleased with the StandCharger, and it’s recommended. I recently embarked on a mission to clean my work desk at home, and Skiva’s charger has allowed me to finally tame the mess of Lightning cables that previously was spread all over my desk.

What’s Hot

  • Can charge up to seven iOS devices simultaneously at the fastest possible 2.4 amps.
  • Rubber feet help prevent your devices, and the stand itself from sliding around.
  • Can charge any USB device.
  • Long power cable.
  • Cable ties are included.

What’s Not

  • You’ll need to provide or purchase your own cables.
  • Charging compartments aren’t adjustable.


Aesthetic Appeal: ★★★★☆
Wow Factor: ★★★☆☆
Build Quality: ★★★★☆
Value: ★★★★☆

Buy Now: $64.99 from