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Save time and say it with a logo using Billie Goat

Save time and say it with a logo using Billie Goat

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October 21, 2015

Ready to brag to your buddy that your favorite NFL team just beat his? Want to meet at Taco Bell? Need to let your spouse know you are at Wal-Mart? You can do all of this easily with a logo. Billie Goat is the new logo keyboard with a huge database full of images you can send via text message or email.

How Billie Goat works

After installing Billie Goat, you’ll need to head over to your settings and add it to your keyboard list and also enable full access. Then, it’s time to get to it. When you’re ready to send a text, switch over to Billie Goat with the globe icon on your current keyboard and begin typing. The keyboard will show you suggestions of logos as you type. Then just pick the one you want and it is automatically copied to your clipboard to paste right into your message.

 Billie GoatLogo options and settings

From sports teams to clothing stores to colleges to car brands, Billie Goat has many options to choose from for your messages. The suggestion bar starts popping up recommendations as you type and narrows them down as you continue adding letters, which is handy. There is also a Billie Goat logo right in the keyboard area so that you can adjust your settings if necessary. Auto-correct, auto-capitalization, and a few other settings are available.

Billie GoatNifty for a quick image

Billie Goat is a neat idea and has brought up most any logo I have looked for so far and hopefully more will continue to be added over time. The keyboard provides a quick, easy way to show your location, team spirit, or even where you are going for dinner.

Billie Goat – The Logo Keyboard is universal and available for free with no ads on the App Store.

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