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Show your mystic side with Sage: a social iOS app for sharing predictions

Show your mystic side with Sage: a social iOS app for sharing predictions

October 13, 2015

Sometimes, you just have a hunch. Call it an educated guess. Call it … I don’t know … a prediction. Sage, a new iOS application that can be downloaded free of charge for the iPhone and iPod touch, makes it possible to share your smart, educated predictions with friends and family. Because nothing sucks more than having a correct prediction but not having shared it beforehand.

Over in the app’s release notes, Sage’s developer — none other than AOL — explains: “Have you ever had a feeling that you know what’s about to happen? That maybe you could Predict the Future? Now you can prove it with Sage!”

And that’s the gist of the app, in a nutshell. Sage allows folks to make predictions for a number of categories, ranging from tech to sports, entertainment, and more. Then, once your prediction has been concocted, it can be shared in a public forum for other Sage users to view, comment on, like, or even dislike. Think the next iPhone will be called the “iPhone 7,” do you? Well now you can share that prediction using Sage!

You will be able to make predictions on topics like politics, technology, sport and entertainment. Sage also allows your friends to vote on your predictions, and comment on how right or wrong they think you are. Additionally, you can earn badges as you prove your prognostication prowess!

Users can follow friends in Sage, and they can even offer their predictions in GIF form (a sign of the modern age Nostradamus didn’t pin down).

Sage for iOS.

Sage for iOS.

That’s all there is to it, unless you can predict what version 2.0 of the app is going to bring to the table. For now, Sage is available free of charge on iOS, and it’s optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch only.

Check out the new app and see what you think.

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