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The iOS-connected Teforia takes tea-making to the next level

The iOS-connected Teforia takes tea-making to the next level

October 29, 2015

Teforia, a brand new iOS-connected product, is something tea-lovers are really, really going to adore. Looking to give tea its so-called “Tesla moment,” Teforia is a high-tech tea brewer that connects up to an iPhone handset to provide owners with precise control over their Earl Grey, their lapsang souchong, and everything in between.

You can order Teforia right now — the product launched today, and can be purchased online for the early bird price of $649. But what, exactly, does Teforia do? Well, let’s take a closer look at it.

Teforia's carafe, which detaches from the machine for easy pouring.

Teforia’s carafe, which detaches from the machine for easy pouring.

For starters, and at its most basic level, Teforia offers a “one-touch” system for brewing the perfect cup of tea in half the time of conventional methods. In this sense, it’s kind of like a Nespresso machine for tea: you load up your leaves, place a container under its spout, and fire the machine up. From here, Teforia makes a controlled brew for users to enjoy in no time at all. More advanced functionality puts Teforia high above other products on the market.

For instance, Teforia allows users to control both the caffeine and antioxidant levels in their tea. You can reduce caffeine content by up to 67 percent, or, on the other hand, you can create an even healthier cup of tea by boosting antioxidants by 133 percent.

The Teforia iOS app provides detailed insights into your favorite teas.

The Teforia iOS app provides detailed insights into your favorite teas.

More generally, though, Teforia understands exactly how a particular type of tea should be brewed. Using a range of different technologies, including smart packaging, Teforia determines the best brewing method for each tea once it’s inserted into the machine. In this respect, the folks behind the product claim that Teforia can brew a cup of tea to taste the way the leaf’s tea master intended; a change of just three degrees can make all the difference, and Teforia can manage this for users effortlessly. Already, Mighty Leaf Tea, Samovar Tea, and Smith Teamaker are on board with exclusive teas made for the machine. The technology means Teforia hopes to brew the best cup of tea you’ve ever had.

You can also create and manage personal tea recipes for Teforia: these feature custom caffeine and antioxidant levels, and unique flavor and aroma notes. Finally, all of this can be controlled using a dedicated iOS application (pictured above), adding an extra layer of convenience to the process of creating and managing your brews.

If this all sounds cutting-edge, it won’t surprise you to learn that Teforia is created by the designers for Microsoft’s Xbox. Check out the below video for more information on the product:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

Teforia goes on sale today for $649. This is an early bird price for the first 500 of the machines sold (to begin with, a limited run of 500 Teforias only are going to be available).

From here, the machine will see a price hike to its eventual retail price of $1,299. “The first 500 buyers will also be able to choose their own limited edition serial number for their Teforia Infuser, will receive an invitation to VIP tea tasting events, and have the opportunity to win a one-week tea sourcing and tasting trip with Teforia at an exotic location,” the folks behind Teforia explained.

So, what do you think? Is Teforia the device for you? Visit Teforia’s website to find out more.

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