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Adobe's Revel, formerly Carousel, will soon be no more

Adobe's Revel, formerly Carousel, will soon be no more

November 20, 2015

Adobe Revel, the free iOS app and cloud-based service formerly known as Adobe Carousel, will soon be removed from the App Store by none other than Adobe itself (with the accompanying service shutting down).

According to Adobe, Revel is indeed closing its digital doors and users are being advised to transfer their assets into Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography Plan. The good news, mind you, for users of Revel is that the service isn’t shutting down next week, or even next month; instead, Adobe’s end day for Revel is scheduled for Feb. 23, 2016.

Adobe explains:

To get started with the Creative Cloud Photography plan, download your Revel photos and videos and import them into Lightroom.

Online, the company breaks down the process for Revel users, explaining how photographers can import to Lightroom across a range of different scenarios. Of course, you can always call by Adobe’s Revel "end-of-life How-To & FAQ" forum for more precise questions.

Speaking with Macworld, Tom Hogarty, Adobe’s photo product manager, said:

We plan to put all our energy and focus on the Photography plan. A lot of the technology behind Revel is being used to power the availability of photos between all the those versions of Lightroom. We really want to double down and focus on Lightroom for Mobile — the whole Lightroom system — and broaden its audience. It has a lot of overlap with the audience for the Revel product in the first place.

Though, for users accustomed to revel, the jump to Adobe’s Photography will also see a hike in price. While Revel was available free (for 2GB of cloud storage) or for $6 per month (for unlimited storage), Adobe’s Photography costs an outright $10 per month with no free tier. Revel customers paying for the service can enjoy a one-year-long free Photography trial, but beyond this, a fee will be required. (Also, users of Revel’s free plan qualify for no such incentive.)

So, there you have it: the day for your diary, Revel users, is Feb. 23, 2016. At that point, you’ll need to either make the move to Lightroom, or find an alternative photo management solution, like Apple’s iCloud Photo Library (or something more robust).

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