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Apple acknowledges issue with iPad Pros, but no solution yet

Apple acknowledges issue with iPad Pros, but no solution yet

November 20, 2015

Earlier in the week, on Nov. 16, we told you about an issue some iPad Pro owners were reporting on Apple’s support forums and on Reddit. After being charged for any significant amount of time, some iPad Pros would become unresponsive until a hard reset was performed. This issue cropped up whether you set your iPad Pro up as new or restored it from a backup. In a brief support document, Apple has acknowledged the problem.

So far, the only solution Cupertino is offering is the same step that users have already found is necessary to get around the problem.

To get back to using your iPad Pro, force restart it by pressing and holding both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

The support document goes on to say that Cupertino “is aware of this issue and is investigating.”


It’s still unknown whether the problem is hardware or software-related, but Mac Kung Fu reports that some owners have been instructed to return their devices for a replacement. Unfortunately, one such affected iPad Pro owner did just that, and had the same problem on the replacement device.

If the issue is software-related, Apple should be able to fix it with a software update rather easily. Some have reported that iOS 9.2 beta solves the issue, but at least one commenter on 9to5Mac reported having a similar issue under the prerelease version of the operating system.

It’s definitely reassuring to have Apple acknowledge the problem, and I’m sure that a full resolution will be forthcoming in short order. I only hope that the problem is software-related, and not a hardware failure. A product recall is not what Cupertino needs in its efforts to rejuvenate the iPad line of products.

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