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Apple is working on an iOS app for troubleshooting device problems

Apple is working on an iOS app for troubleshooting device problems

Apple's Software
November 21, 2015

It looks like Apple is in the process of developing an iOS app designed to help troubleshoot issues with iPhones and iPads.

The news comes from uSwitch Tech, which is showing off images provided to them by Sonny Dickson. Here, the publication explains that, “according to an insider with knowledge of goings-on at Apple’s Infinite Loop HQ,” the in-development application asks customers “basic questions to boil down the problem” affecting iOS devices quickly. The app also allows users to “book a service, send their device in for service, or give a call to Apple.”

Of course, the application is designed to help users in the process of organizing a repair for their iOS device. And indeed, this is something Apple needs to be focusing on, given the frequent impossibility of securing Genius Bar reservations at a great many Apple Stores. Through asking customers the right questions, too, Apple’s upcoming app should better ensure that devices aren’t sent off for repair when they could, instead, have rather been fixed at home.

Apple's in-development application.

Apple’s in-development application.

According to uSwitch Tech’s source:

At launch the app has all of the devices registered to your Apple ID. From there you have a range of pre-defined problems, which are common.

After that the app asks if you are on the latest version of iOS, and offers a range of support options, including taking to your carrier, contacting support and setting up a Genius Bar appointment. It’s highly interactive, and well integrated.

This is definitely something that’ll prove tremendously useful to iOS users. Though at present, we’re unsure if the app is set for release alongside iOS 10 or whether it’ll surface independently of a major iOS update. We’ll keep you posted on this front.