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Logitech unveils its own backlit iPad Pro keyboard case

Logitech unveils its own backlit iPad Pro keyboard case

November 11, 2015

The iPad Pro is here. And so is one of the first of, we expect, many third party keyboard cases for the 12-inch device. Today, Logitech is showing off its brand new keyboard case for the iPad Pro, called Create.

Create, for the iPad Pro, is a keyboard case much like Apple’s own Smart Keyboard. Logitech’s offering surrounds the iPad Pro, protecting the tablet, while at the same time offering a full integrated keyboard for users to take advantage of (after all, the on-screen virtual keyboard is so un-pro it’s almost painful).

Better still, Logitech’s Create offers a backlit keyboard, making it the perfect companion for low-light typing sessions. Because the keyboard case supports the iPad Pro’s smart connector, it’s not only easy to pair up, but the case can also automatically light up when connected, too. It is, in short, a real treat.

In an email, Logitech added:

The Logi CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case was announced in early September, but now, per the below press release, we’re releasing all product details. The keyboard case has a full-sized keyboard and adjustable backlighting, and is designed to work exclusively with Apple’s new Smart Connector. So, the keyboard automatically powers on and connects with the iPad Pro – no Bluetooth pairing needed. The Logi CREATE Protective Case is a new case for the iPad Pro. The case firmly holds your iPad Pro in the perfect viewing angle within a 60-degree range.

Besides launching the Create keyboard case, the busy bees at Logitech are also bringing a second iPad Pro-compatible product, called the Create Protective Case, to the market.

Logitech's Create keyboard case for the iPad Pro.

Logitech’s Create keyboard case for the iPad Pro.

This accessory is very much like the Create keyboard case, but it instead features no keyboard. Rather, the lesser-priced accessory is designed to offer iPad Pro users a more convenient means of propping their tablet up (after all, it’ll be too heavy to hold for extended periods of time!), and as such it offers 60 degrees of viewing angles to choose from.

So, if you’ve spent some cash on a brand new iPad Pro, spend a little more on one of Logitech’s smart products. The backlit keyboard case can be yours for $149.99, while the stand retails for $79.99. For more information, head over to Logitech’s website.

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