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Mirror your Mac's display to the new Apple TV with AirParrot 2

Mirror your Mac's display to the new Apple TV with AirParrot 2

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November 2, 2015

The folks at Squirrels are out with a brand new app designed to enhance your Apple TV experience. Called AirParrot 2, the new software, much like its predecessor, allows Mac (or PC) owners to mirror their computer’s display to a nearby Apple TV. However, the second major release of AirParrot brings one important, new feature: support for the fourth-generation Apple TV.

So, what exactly does AirParrot 2 do? Well, as noted, it allows Mac or PC owners to wirelessly beam their screen or media files to an Apple TV. In this way, video files stored on your computer can easily be played, wirelessly, on your set-top box using a local Wi-Fi network. Yet, because AirParrot 2 supports a range of media formats, users can also beam over audio files, presentations, and more. It supports 5.1 surround sound and promises no quality loss, and as such AirParrot 2 really could bolster the functionality of your fourth-generation Apple TV.

Share wirelessly with everyone in the room without the need for cables and adapters. AirParrot gives anyone the ability to share and engage the classroom, boardroom or beyond. Focus on what matters most and send content from any device to a receiver connected to a television or projector. Our patent-pending Quick Connect technology and Bluetooth discovery allows you to quickly discover and connect to devices, even when network configurations prevent it.

Usefully, AirParrot 2 can also connect to Google’s Chromecast or to any AirPlay-enabled speakers you have in the house.

AirParrot 2 for Mac and PC.

AirParrot 2 for Mac and PC.

To get AirParrot 2, you’ll need a license for your computer. These retail online for $14.99, or for five computers a fee of $62.99 can be paid. You can also try AirParrot 2 before you buy it, too, in order to ensure it works well over your local network. It’s compatible with Mac and Windows PCs, as well as with devices running Chrome OS.

If you have purchased one of Apple’s brand new Apple TV sets, consider taking AirParrot 2 for a spin. You can download the application now from developer Squirrels’ website.

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