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Search once again gets smarter in Apple's App Store

Search once again gets smarter in Apple's App Store

November 14, 2015

The App Store’s built-in search feature has, once again, received something of an under-the-hood overhaul. This, according to a recent report, should see searches yield more relevant results featuring quality iOS applications, making iOS app discovery in the App Store less flawed than it previously has been.

TechCrunch has the report, and draws on comments from Tapbots’ Paul Haddad and Contrast’s David Barnard, both of whom have noticed changes to the App Store’s search. This, according to TechCrunch, began in early November and culminated with a significant update to the App Store’s algorithm on Nov. 12. Because of this, App Store app rankings are now taking a range of factors beyond keywords into account when producing a list of search results.

So, you’ll notice a change in rankings based on partial keywords, for instance. “Niche applications” should also perform better in the App Store’s search based on competitor brand names, too. TechCrunch, in its report, added:

In addition to doing a better job at pulling in lists of competitors and similar apps, there’s also a new suggestion function that’s taking into account the “essence’ of the app,” which includes main features of the app, confirms appFigures CEO Ariel Michaeli. Plus, there’s an increased emphasis on on-page components, he says.

These changes, however, are linked in only with App Store search rankings, the report adds. Top Charts, for now, are being left alone. It’s nevertheless great to see App Store search improve for the better; the move forms part of Apple’s effort to bolster iOS app discovery, something which Cupertino has been gradually improving for some time.

The enhanced search is now up and running in the App Store now. Have you noticed a difference?

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