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Telegram Messenger updated with admins, supergroups and more

Telegram Messenger updated with admins, supergroups and more

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November 26, 2015

The secure and speedy messaging app Telegram Messenger has recently made news for its apparent popularity among members of ISIS and other terrorist groups. Thankfully, though, it has blocked a considerable number of channels used in spreading terrorist propaganda.

On a much lighter note, Telegram is in the news now on account of its latest update, which introduces three new and noteworthy features.


Telegram has long supported groups where every member can invite new members and change the group’s name and photo. But while this setup may work well for small circles of friends and colleagues, it may be problematic for bigger groups, such as large communities of people with shared interests.

With that in mind, the team behind Telegram has added support for group administration. That is to say, Telegram groups can now have administrators, or admins for short.

By default, all members in a group can invite new members and edit the group’s profile. But if you think your group has become so large as to require tighter control, you can restrict your group by appointing one or more admins to it. Consequently, only admins will be able to invite new members and change the group’s name and photo. In addition, admins will also be able to remove other members from the group.

Telegram Messenger Admins


Speaking of bigger groups, the latest update to Telegram also introduces the concept of supergroups. Now, if your group’s membership grows in excess of 200, you’ll have the option to upgrade it to a supergroup, which can support up to 1,000 members.

“Supergroups are optimized to host large online communities and will load quickly, even if you‘ve missed many messages while away,” Telegram notes.

Telegram Messenger Supergroups

In-app notifications

Another new notable feature introduced in the new version of Telegram is support for in-app notifications.

While you’re using the app, you’ll see an in-app notification at the top when you receive a new message. You can pull down on the notification to expand it, view the text of the message in its entirety, or preview the message’s attachment.

And just like Telegram’s iOS-wide notifications, Telegram’s in-app notification lets you send a quick reply or a sticker right from where you are when you get notified. This means that you can reply to the message you just received even when you’re viewing another conversation.

Telegram Messenger In-app notifications

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The latest update to Telegram also adds support for Dynamic Type and the ability to play voice messages directly on the app’s Apple Watch companion. Moreover, it adds new Report button on profiles that allow you to report abusive bots and channels.

If you can’t see the demo embedded above, please click here.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Telegram Messenger is available on the App Store for free.

Already widely used for its security and privacy as well as speed and reliability, Telegram has just become even better with the introduction of admins, supergroups, and in-app notifications.

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