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The iPad Pro display isn't as good as the iPad mini 4's

The iPad Pro display isn't as good as the iPad mini 4's

November 17, 2015

Apple’s latest tablet, the iPad Pro, has a wonderful display, but how well does it stack up against other devices? Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate put the device through a showdown with other tablets, and found that the iPad Pro falls behind the iPad mini 4 and even the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 when it comes to display characteristics.

Don’t misunderstand what this test shows, though. The iPad Pro is still ranked with a “A-” score for a “very good display,” rating “very good” or better in all test categories. However, the larger 12.9-inch tablet lags behind other devices in several categories, with the iPad mini 4 and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 actually being ranked with “A” scores as “excellent displays.”


Image credit: DisplayMate


The most interesting drawback to the iPad Pro’s display comes in its calibration as tested by DisplayMate’s logarithmic intensity scale. The larger tablet received “slightly irregular” results on this test, one that every other iPad and iPhone tested by DisplayMate since 2012 has featured “near perfect” scores in.

The iPad Pro, like the 9.7-inch iPad Air 2, is given a “very good” rating, and the tablet is labeled as featuring a top tier display. Somehow, though, this particular display falls behind its smaller brethren, which is quite peculiar. Taken in tandem with the issues some iPad Pro owners are having with the tablet becoming unresponsive after charging, it almost seems that the device might have been too quickly rushed to market. I hope that these inconsistencies with the display and the unresponsiveness after charging can be cured with a simple software update.

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