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The Momento 3 journal brings video support and enhanced feeds

The Momento 3 journal brings video support and enhanced feeds

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November 30, 2015

When we first looked at Momento five years ago, it was a clear favorite for daily journal writing. The app is still going strong and recently released its latest version, Momento 3, bringing a new set of features to make your experience even better.

MomentoWhat’s new in Momento 3

  • Visual summaries allow you to see key moments from the day, month, or year at a glance. And, summary sharing lets you share moments with friends and family easily.
  • The explorable timeline is organized by date, people, and location to quickly relive the memories.
  • Enhanced feeds recognize people, locations, and tags making it simpler to search and explore.
  • Better photo capturing groups your photos based on time and location to create past entries easier. In addition, video support was added so that you can add even more moments.
  • New events can be cataloged by start and end date which is great for vacations and celebrations.
  • Manual and automatic iCloud backups are available now so that your data is safely tucked away.

MomentoWhat else is coming

This is not the end of Momento’s list of updates for the newest version. For those using Momento 3, you will see a free update coming for an iPad app with support for syncing. And, Apple Watch wearers will also be seeing support for their wearable down the road.

Momento makes it easy

For journal writing, capturing moments, and reliving memories, Momento is a terrific app and this new version just makes it all the more robust. The interface is super simple to use and the flexibility brought by the new features makes it great daily diary app.

Momento is available for $2.99 on the App Store with no ads or in-app purchases. In other news, check out 8 perfect accessory gift ideas for Apple Watch owners or It looks like Amazon’s Prime Video is coming to Apple TV ‘within a few weeks’.

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