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journal apps

These Journal Apps Help You Remember Every Magical Moment

Days are fleeting and keeping a handwritten journal can be a struggle. So, we present the best journal apps out there. Never miss a moment.

Record All of Your Memories

Life is full of amazing memories. Make sure to remember them with these apps.

Day One Journal

One of the most robust journaling experiences out there

Day One Journal

Easy entry creation

For those who want to capture their lives as they live them

Day One 2 is a beautiful and robust journaling application that lets users capture their lives on-the-go as they live them. The interface is simple and intuitive, so navigating around is a breeze. Entries can be basic text or you can have up to 10 images, and the app is smart enough to detect the date and time as well as geolocation data from your images if it is available, so you don't have to manually change any of that data when creating the entry. Organize everything with tags, see your own activity (walking, stationary, driving, etc.) at the time of the memory, and have multiple journals for everything that may come up. There is also a Day One IFTTT (If This Then That) channel so you can link up your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Swarm feeds (and more) to Day One so everything is captured through automation. The Map view lets you see all of the places you've gone to, and the Photos section is a great way to see all of your photographic memories in one place. The app also uses Day One Sync for fast and reliable syncing across multiple devices. If you are looking for a journaling app that can handle what life throws at you, then consider Day One 2.

Why we love it

It's beautiful and robust, one of the best experiences for journaling on iOS that you can get.

Momento - Private Diary / Daily Journal

Momento takes the legwork out of journal keeping

Momento - Private Diary / Daily Journal

Everything in your timeline

For those who like to remember all memories, including social media.

Momento is another popular journaling app that is capable of a bit more than some of the competition. While it has the basics like new text and photo entry creation with the ability to add tags and places, automatically get date and time and geolocation data from photos for the entry date, it can do more. A big difference between Momento and Day One is the fact that Momento even has support for videos, which can be a big deal to many people — videos are a much more powerful form of media that helps you relive memories, after all. There is also automatic support for social media feeds built-in to Momento, rather than going through a third-party service like IFTTT. Plus there is iCloud syncing so you don't have to worry about a third-party syncing service, where your data is stored on someone's server. However, while Momento has many more features that can be useful for people, be warned that the initial load for your connected feed data can take a while and the scrolling is not as smooth. Still, Momento is an app to consider for those who want to make sure to capture every little detail of their lives.

Why we love it

Social media is a big part of our lives and it is important to include that in our journaling experience as well. Plus the support for videos is nice to have too.

Only Have a Few Minutes?

Journaling is a great way to unwind, but sometimes it can be time consuming. This app is best suited for the person who only has a few minutes to spare for their daily reflection time.

Record Your Mood

Our moods can indicate a lot about our lives when we look back on them. These apps make recording your mood easy and fun.

Moodnotes - Thought Journal / Mood Diary

Record your daily thoughts and moods for pure reflection

Moodnotes - Thought Journal / Mood Diary

How do you feel?

For anyone who wants to track their moods over time for a better perception of their well-being.

Moodnotes is a beautiful app that will help you understand yourself better over time. With Moodnotes, just record your current mood with an emote, and then the app lets you write down your thoughts and feelings, which will be tied to the mood that you entered. Once that's done, the app will either give you positive feedback and ask about how to enrich your life on a daily basis, or if it's negative, you can analyze why you feel that way with some psychological questions. Over time, you can gauge how your moods are, and it is a great way to improve your life in the long run.

Why we love it

Moodnotes is a gorgeous app that is super easy to use and helps you improve your life over time.

My Wonderful Days : Daily Journal/Diary

Make every day wonderful

My Wonderful Days : Daily Journal/Diary

How was your day?

Someone who wants a simple app for writing their thoughts and recording their mood.

My Wonderful Days is a simple and somewhat skeuomorphic take on the journaling app. It has a basic interface that is pretty straightforward to use, where you just create a new entry, type in whatever you want, add some photos or video, record your current mood, add some icon flair, and save your memory. There is iCloud sync and PDF export so your memories go with you no matter what. However, it's not the most intuitive app around and it lives in the golden days of skeuomorphism, but this should appeal to anyone who wants a pretty barebones app. The Lite version gives you the ability to add 10 entries a month — upgrade to the full version for a few dollars and you can export your data into it without worries.

Why we love it

It's simple and fun to use and the ability to record your mood gives you some valuable insights.

Keep A Journal Automatically

These apps can create a journal entry automatically just by gathering what you're already doing. Your social media posts, activity tracking, location visits are automatically gathered together.

STEP - Journal for Life
STEP - Journal for Life

STEP - Journal for Life


Looking for the best journal / diary app? Featured in 137 App Stores worldwide, STEP Journal helps you capture and tell the amazing story of your life. Let apps turn your life into poetry with minimal effort and complete privacy. The true power of Automated Journaling!

Using iPhone sensors and native apps, STEP Journal gathers the scattered moments of your life on your behalf. You can easily add meaning to each event with cute icons. Statistics and Calendar views allow you to look back and reflect on your days.

TechCrunch - "the app is easy to use, aggregates personal data in an attractive and illuminating way, and is private.”

Mashable - “STEP Journal lets you journal with emojis instead of words and communicate what you're doing (or eating) with a few pictures.”


Seamless import of:
- EVENTS from iPhone Calendar(s)
- PHOTOS and their locations from iPhone Camera Roll
- LOCATIONS using iPhone’s Location Services

You can:
- Capture daily moments by clicking on intelligently recommended icons
- Add activities, location, time, pictures, friends, or notes with just a few clicks
- Keep your moments private or share them instantly on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare

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DayPath - Automatic Diary / Journal
DayPath - Automatic Diary / Journal

DayPath - Automatic Diary / Journal

Pion Labs, Inc.

DayPath automatically captures all those special moments and events of your life – the places you go, the people you see, and the photos you take. With DayPath, you’re now able to instantaneously access all the times, places, people of your life – forever.

DayPath ensures absolute privacy and security. It stores information only on your iPhone, never in the cloud and never on any other device or server unless you say so.

- Look up when you last had coffee with a friend. Is it time to catch up again?
- Monitor how often you went to the gym
- Re-experience your trip and the restaurants you explored
- Track how often you provide service calls or customer visits
- Lost something? Use DayPath to trace all the places you have been
- Charge customers based on time? Let DayPath log time-of-arrival and departure for you
- Review time spent on activities you care about

- Automatically records times and places you visited
- Automatically associates photos
- Add notes
- Tag events with activities
- Tag events with friends
- Compare time spent on tagged events from last to this week
- Search text in notes and places
- Search events with notes and photos
- Share to Facebook or Twitter only if you choose to
- Touch ID privacy protection
- Backup your data to your own Dropbox account
- Get directions to places you visited

We minimize battery consumption by activating GPS only when necessary.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


DayPath offers the following auto-renewing subscription:
$9.99 per year

These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Your DayPath subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.

DayPath also offers a Forever subscription which is paid for by a one-off upfront payment of $49.99 with unlimited access to all features forever.

Read more about our terms and conditions here -


Online -
Privacy Policy -
Terms and Conditions -
Questions or Feedback - Email us at [email protected]

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Oiday - smart, intimate, automated photo diary that writes for you
Oiday - smart, intimate, automated photo diary that writes for you

Oiday - smart, intimate, automated photo diary that writes for you

Mint Muse, Inc.

When was the last time your diary wrote for you, automated, and elegantly? - Download and launch Oiday today!

Oiday app is the creative life-log app that allows you to track your activities in the background and summarizes your precious and memorable moments within a recent time span. It's like a digital personal diary, except activities are detected by your iOS device, processed by our artificial intelligence, and presented with an infographic-like style. Your own photo will be used as the background, and Oiday comes with beautiful Instagram-like filters too.

--- Oiday Features ---

The app is very easy to navigate. You can compose your photo diary with just a few taps and swipes.

Oiday is touched by top designers and iOS developers. Aside from our unique postmark style info overlays, the integrated photo filter is an extra bonus.

All iPhone sensors are working hard for you in the app, and Oiday automatically picks out meaningful moments and information for you to share. On the other hand, it's also highly customizable, and you can take manual control at any time.

No more lengthy text to describe "What's on your mind". With Oiday, a single photo can be shared to say you want to say about your surrounding.

Oiday engineers works day and night to ensure that we don't put a dent in the battery usage. Note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. We have reduced Oiday's battery consumption to the minimum, so you probably won't even notice much difference.

Download Oiday and start logging precious moments in a new way!

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DearDays - Personal Automatic Journal
DearDays - Personal Automatic Journal

DearDays - Personal Automatic Journal

Openmouse Studio

***** Included in New Year New Hope bundle, check it out! *****

DearDays automatically turns your daily moments into a personal journal with insightful infographic, it can not only save much time chronicling your days but help you know yourself better in seconds.

Photo Calendar
.Pull your memories from camera roll and put them in a simple and elegant at-a-glance calendar form.
.Delicate calendar design inspires you to take great photos everyday to keep track of your life and make you a better photographer at the same time.

My Path
.Automatically arrange your photos into beautiful photo collages and create an awesome timeline with photos to the places you've visited.
.All you need to do is a little editing to make memories complete and perfect.

Mood Log
.An emoticon speaks louder than hundreds of words, just swipe up or down to to record your daily moods.
.Monitor the trends of moods to lead a happy life and improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Inspiring Journal
.Journal your experience to photo collages or answer built-in questions to explore your thoughts and inner world.
.This would be very useful in sparking creativity and clarifying your feelings.

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Capture Your Days

In case you don't have time to write down your day, you can use video instead. Capture video clips to encompass your day.

1 Second Everyday: Video Diary

1 Second Everyday

Cesar Kuriyama

Record your life.

Create a video that includes one second of every day of your life with this entertaining photography app.

What Are You Grateful For?

Specifically keep track of what makes you happy with a gratitude journal. Try to stop dwelling on the negatives and taking things for granted.