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Top Charts have arrived on the Apple TV, with games dominating

Top Charts have arrived on the Apple TV, with games dominating

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November 3, 2015

Just a day after we lamented the lack of easy app discovery options on the new Apple TV, Apple has switched on the Top Paid, Free, and Grossing charts in the set top box’s App Store.

If you launch the App Store and the charts aren’t showing in the top menu bar, don’t fret. You can either reboot your Apple TV or force quit the App Store and then open it again. The Top Charts selection should then appear. As a reminder from our tips for the Apple TV, you can select the app switcher by double-pressing the Home button on your Siri remote. Then swipe up on the App Store, and you’ll force close it and can relaunch the program.


Of course, we already knew what the results would be, but we can now officially confirm which apps are proving to be the most popular so far. The higher prices of games on the Apple TV do not appear to be daunting consumers, as that category dominates both Top Paid and Top Grossing Apps. Eight of the top ten apps on both charts are taken by gaming titles like Beat Sports and Lumino City.

While Rayman Adventures and Crossy Road are dominating the Top Free Apps chart, it’s clear that users are showing their interest in streaming video services. Apps from Fox, CBS, HBO, and Showtime are solidly entrenched within the top free apps.

Of course, there still isn’t an easy way to search for apps, since categories haven’t been enabled yet and there is no current way to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with the device. We can only hope that those capabilities come sooner, rather than later, because it’s downright embarrassing not to have those features on the device yet.

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