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Understand your slumber better with the now-free Sleep Cycle

Understand your slumber better with the now-free Sleep Cycle

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November 12, 2015

Many people struggle with not getting enough sleep, or not understanding their nighttime patterns. Several available apps are available that will help track your sleep patterns, but they require being placed somewhere on or under your mattress in order to detect your movements in the night. One best-selling app in this market, Sleep Cycle alarm clock, has been completely reinvented and made free to use.

Sound analysis

Instead of relying on an accelerometer algorithm, the latest version of Sleep Cycle offers a new means of detecting your sleep patterns by analyzing the sounds you make in the night. Specifically, Sleep Cycle 5.0 listens for the sounds of your bedsheets moving, and uses that information to determine how deeply you are sleeping.


With this real-time data, Sleep Cycle is able to determine the optimum time to wake you up based on the alarm you set. Tested by thousands of people around the world, the developers behind Sleep Cycle say that 90 percent of the early users reported the sound analysis method works as well or better than the accelerometer algorithm. If you would rather use the older accelerometer algorithm, you can continue to do so.

Free for all

Sleep Cycle used to be a paid app, but with version 5.0 it has gone completely free. With the free version of the app, you get an experience that’s free of advertisements and still includes all of the important features, such as nightly sleep pattern graphs and the intelligent wakeup time. If you’ve already paid for Sleep Cycle or subscribe by in-app purchase, you will get the premium version, which includes heart rate measurement and online cloud sync to keep your sleep data and alarms up to date among all of your devices.


Maciek Drejak, founder of Sleep Cycle and CEO of Northcube, the developer studio behind the app, explains that the app remains the same with all of the features its users rely upon.

Sleep Cycle is still the same app, with all the features that our users love. The only difference is now it’s free and users can choose to place the phone on their nightstand instead of in their bed, while remaining confident Sleep Cycle will accurately track their sleep and wake them up at the optimal time in the morning.

Getting a better night’s rest

Sleep Cycle alarm clock is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and requires iOS 8 or later. It is a free download on the App Store without any advertisements, but it does include in-app purchases to subscribe to the Premium version of the software.

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