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Best Buy is offering the Apple Watch for just $249

Best Buy is offering the Apple Watch for just $249

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December 9, 2015

U.S. retailer Best Buy has a new promotion on Cupertino’s Apple Watch which is worth checking out.

In fact, Best Buy’s deal offers the best discount we’ve ever seen on the Apple-made wearable. The retailer is offering $100 off any Apple Watch Sport or stainless steel Apple Watch model, meaning customers can pick up a low-end Apple Watch for just $249 (rather than $349).

The best deal so far

Sure, we’ve seen retailers in the United States (and overseas) offer Apple Watch discounts before. But this is hands-down the best one yet, and it shouldn’t be missed.

Of course, besides allowing customers to purchase the Apple Watch Sport for $249, the $100 discount also means customers can pick up a stainless steel model from $449, too. To take advantage of the promotion, click this link and check out Best Buy’s Apple Watch mini-page.

The 38mm Apple Watch Sport at Best Buy's website.

The 38mm Apple Watch Sport at Best Buy’s website.

Or should you wait?

Whether now is the right time to pick up an Apple Watch is a matter of some debate, however. This is because recent reports have claimed that a second-generation model, referred to by the press as “Watch 2,” is in-development and could be released by Apple as early as spring 2016. One particular in particular noted that the second-gen Apple Watch will have its on-stage premiere in March, before launching in Apple Stores soon after.

Regardless, the Apple Watch will nevertheless make a great holiday gift, and the $249 starting price Best Buy is offering will unlock the device for many customers.

Check out Best Buy’s website for its Apple Watch deals now.

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