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Feel the Force: Verizon offers customers free 'Star Wars' Google Cardboards

Feel the Force: Verizon offers customers free 'Star Wars' Google Cardboards

December 2, 2015

Customers signing-up for a Verizon plan are currently receiving a very cool free gift: a “Star Wars”-themed Google Cardboard headset.

So, if you’d been pondering a purchase from Verizon, perhaps even considering Apple’s iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, or iPad Pro, we now have another reason for you to take the plunge and make your order. Provided you make your purchase from a Verizon store in the near future, a Google Cardboard headset modelled in the likeness of one of several “Star Wars” characters could be yours.

Act fast, because once they’re gone, they’re gone

Of course, you’ll need to act fast. These Google Cardboards are available for a limited time, “while supplies last,” according to the carrier. Characters available to choose from include BB-8, our old pal R2-D2, Kylo Ren, or a stormtrooper. There’s also a Google Cardboard experience on offer in Disney’s Star Wars application for the iPhone/iPod touch (which is available free of charge on the App Store).

The "Star Wars" characters making an appearance in Verizon's Google Cardboard headsets.

The “Star Wars” characters making an appearance in Verizon’s Google Cardboard headsets.

This could give Verizon a decent edge over competing networks in the United States in the coming days. At the minute, interest in “Star Wars” couldn’t be bigger, and this is a smart marketing move.

Indeed, it’s great news for lucky customers, too. Google Cardboard launched on Apple’s iOS back in May, and we’ve enjoyed taking the low-cost virtual reality equipment for a spin. Usually, Google Cardboard headsets start at around $20, and while this won’t break the bank, it’s nevertheless great to see Verizon giving the headsets away.

The fact that Verizon’s headsets are “Star Wars”-themed, of course, is even better.

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