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Ring in the New Year with Hue Fireworks for Philips Hue

Ring in the New Year with Hue Fireworks for Philips Hue

December 31, 2015

Hue Fireworks for Philips Hue is a smart iOS app for the Philips-developed automated lightning system that allows users to ring in the new year in a fun, unique way.

Fireworks in your front room

I’ve actually just bought a Philips Hue Starter Kit, and I’m excited to try this app out. According to the developer, iMakeStuff (which also has a range of other Hue-compatible applications on the App Store), Hue Fireworks “lets you create explosive celebrations with a beautiful dynamic interface and exploding fireworks.” This is an interesting use for the Hue bulbs, and it’s something owners of the accessory should definitely check out.

An update for NYE 2016

However, as AppleInsider notes, a recent update to Hue Fireworks (developed in collaboration with both Philips and Countdown Entertainment) allows Hue owners to bring the Times Square Ball to their living room, too.

In the app’s release notes, iMakeStuff explains:

Now you can bring the iconic Times Square Ball experience home with the newest Hue Fireworks feature. Developed in collaboration with Philips Lighting and Countdown Entertainment, your Philips Hue wireless lighting can now replicate the exact lighting effects provided by the Philips LED Bulbs used in the Times Square Ball on New Year’s Eve to light up 2016. Simply choose the Times Square Ball feature and join in for the final sixty seconds of the countdown in real-time to experience all of the dynamic, color-changing fun that will transform your living room and illuminate any New Year’s Eve celebration.

This sounds like a lot of fun!

Hue Fireworks for Philips Hue.

Hue Fireworks for Philips Hue.

Aside from Hue Fireworks, iMakeStuff also has a Hue Disco app and a Hue Christmas app available for Philips Hue owners. There’s a collective bundle, too, which offers all the applications for a single price.

Hue Fireworks, however, can be downloaded on the App Store for $1.99 and it requires iOS 8.4 or later — along with a set of Hue bulbs, of course. You can purchase these direct from Apple for $199.95.

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Hue Fireworks for Philips Hue
Hue Fireworks for Philips Hue

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