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Turn your iPhone-captured photos into Christmas cards with Xmas Cam

Turn your iPhone-captured photos into Christmas cards with Xmas Cam

December 15, 2015

Give someone a Christmas greeting they’ll really appreciate this year using your iOS device, and a new app called Xmas Cam. The free, IAP-supported application allows users to transform images captured on their iPhone or iPad into beautiful, festive Christmas cards perfect for family or friends.

‘Tis the season

The process of using the app is simple enough. First, you’ll need to choose an image to import into a digital Christmas card: you can snap one with your iPhone’s camera, or you can import a picture using the built-in Photos app. From here, users can adjust their image by scaling it, rotating it, or flipping it, and you can add stickers or festive images into the card design. It’s also possible to adjust the opacity of individual elements in order to create a perfect design for your card. The result is a creation that’ll be a lot better than anything you can buy from stores.

In a press release that recently reached our inbox, developer Ultralab added:

Editing photos with Xmas Cam while browsing through a colorful flow of winter themed eye candies is a great activity to indulge in this holiday season. Amazing photo greeting cards that can be created with the app are sure to cheer up their addressees and set the joyful mood for celebration.

The app is largely sticker-based, but the range of Christmas-themed stickers available in Xmas Cam is decent enough, provided you’re willing to pay. You see, a great many of the application’s additional stickers (beyond a modest selection which is included free) carry a fee; indeed, some of the app’s nicer, more intricate stickers, like frames, are included in this selection.

Xmas Cam for iOS.

Xmas Cam for iOS.

Concerning the app’s packs, Ultracam added:

The content of each pack is carefully selected so only high quality attractive images are featured inside the app. The variety is also impressive as inside users will find everything that comes to mind when one thinks of Christmas. From delicate snowflakes to ginger bread cookies, from snowmen to decorative bows and baubles – the app is full of holiday magic and will do miracles on virtually any photo. The Santa hats pack deserves a special mention as the selection of fur trimmed red hats, elf caps and reindeer antlers will definitely add a fun touch to selfies and portraits.

Given that Xmas Cam itself is available free of charge, however, the IAP barrier isn’t such a big issue. You can download the application now, and it’s optimized for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.