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Twitter is simplifying the tvOS sign-in process

Twitter is simplifying the tvOS sign-in process

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December 2, 2015

Twitter’s Digits feature, a service that allows users to sign-in to services using SMS verification, is set to arrive on Apple’s tvOS platform, making it much easier for owners to log into accounts on their fourth-generation Apple TV.

Solving one of the biggest problems on tvOS

According to Twitter (at the Digits blog), developers should soon be able to add the feature into their own applications, allowing for faster sign-ins. In a recently published post, the folks behind Digits explain that they’ve been focusing on creating a fast, simple sign-in solution for tvOS. The platform doesn’t make it easy for users to log into their Internet accounts, since oAuth logins aren’t supported and, perhaps more obviously, the device doesn’t ship with a keyboard. The Digits team explains:

There needed to be a better way for users to log into apps on TVs without a standard input method. Now, with Digits, your users can now seamlessly and safely log into your Apple TV apps. All it takes is a few lines of code.

Fortunately, however, it’s about to get much simpler:

Using Digits’ device authorization, your app on the Apple TV will show a short alphanumeric code. Your user then simply enters the code on via their laptop or smartphone to authorize the device to their account. Once that’s done, the TV device receives a Digits session for the user’s account which you can use to instantly identify your user and personalize their experience.

Digits for tvOS.

Digits for tvOS.

Great news for tvOS users

Of course, this is great news for tvOS users, and it promises to make the process of using the living room platform much, much easier. Better still, Digits for tvOS is in the process of rolling out to customers throughout the day, meaning you won’t have a long wait before you’ll be able to use the feature.

Aside from support for Digits, Twitter’s data analysis service (Crashlytics) is also available for tvOS developers to integrate inside their applications. This provides data on application installations and, as you’d expect, crashes, allowing developers to pin-point any issues with their tvOS software.

Confirming your device on iOS.

Confirming your device on iOS.

For more information, take a look at Twitter’s Digits blog post.

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