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Get the workout that's fit and right for you with Updown Fitness

Get the workout that's fit and right for you with Updown Fitness

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January 27, 2016

Most fitness apps out there are content with taking the “one size fits all” approach, serving up the same workouts for users with different needs. Updown Fitness is not one of those apps.

It’s smart

In just a few taps, you can have Updown create a workout that’s personalized just for you. All you have to do is specify your desired workout’s duration, location (including available equipment) and intensity, and choose from five workout types:

  • Cardio: fast paced workout with minimal rest and maximal calorie burn for weight loss
  • Strength: exercises that target specific body areas and build muscle
  • Cross: combo of cardio and strength, intense workouts that enhance muscular endurance
  • Core: build your six pack with a core strengthening routine
  • Stretch: target specific muscles with a variety of unique stretches
  • Then, Updown generates a workout based on your specified parameters. It then guides you through the exercises with visual and audio timers plus workout animations. In a feature that’s said to be unique to Updown, the app also indicates exactly how many reps to do and how much weight to use.

    Updown Fitness 1

    As you carry out the recommended exercises, Updown learns and adjusts your succeeding workouts based on your performance. Your goals, experience and progress are taken into account by Updown, making the app ideal for use by beginners as well as athletes.

    It’s social

    But Updown is not so different from most other fitness apps that it’s not social. In fact, Updown also has some neat social features that are aimed at keeping you motivated to work out toward your fitness goals. These lets you add friends to share workouts with them and compete with them on the leaderboard, using points and levels you gain from exercising.

    Updown Fitness 2

    It’s free

    Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Updown Fitness is available on the App Store for free, with no in-app purchases.

    Launched just last month, Updown was recently updated with auto-play for workouts (so you won’t have to tap play between exercises) along with additional exercises, interface improvements, and bug fixes.

    Updown looks to be a great fitness app that enables you to exercise at your own pace and at your preferred place, whether you can only work out at home in your underwear or you can actually hit the gym and use special equipment.

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