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Has Withings overpriced its new fitness tracker, the Go?

Has Withings overpriced its new fitness tracker, the Go?

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January 6, 2016

Withings has a wide range of fitness accessories, and has recently announced a new one that aims to take on the likes of Fitbit and Nike Fuelband. The $69.95 Withings Go will start shipping sometime in the first quarter of 2016, but how much of a splash will it make at that price?

The Go utilizes an E-ink display instead of a battery draining LCD. That means the device should last as long as eight months without needing to be recharged, all while counting your steps, tracking your calories burned, measuring how far you’ve traveled, and keeping tabs on your sleep time.


The Withings Go is also water-resistant, and it recognizes when you start swimming instead of walking or running. It even tracks how long you swim, displaying that information in a separate section of the free Withings Health Mate app.


For those who spend a considerable amount of time outside, the E-ink display will be quite handy. This is the same type of display used on the basic model of Kindle, and it’s easily readable in direct sunlight. If you wear the device on your wrist, you’ll be able to use it as a timepiece, since the accessory offers a standard watch display.

Unfortunately, Withings may have overpriced the fitness tracker. It’s fairly basic, after all, and comes in at a price point that’s higher than the Jawbown Up Move and the Fitbit Zip. Then again, if you like the Withings Health Mate app but don’t want to plunk down the $169.95 for the Withings Activité Steel, perhaps the Go is the perfect device for you.

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Health Mate - Steps tracker & Life coach by Withings
Health Mate - Steps tracker & Life coach by Withings

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