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How to hide stock iPhone app icons in iOS 9, jailbreak-free

How to hide stock iPhone app icons in iOS 9, jailbreak-free

January 5, 2016

Here’s a nifty trick for anyone looking to remove stock iOS applications, like Reminders, Weather, or even Stocks itself, from an iPhone handset running iOS 9.

The magic folder

The process, outlined in a recent YouTube video (and posted at TechCrunch), is simple enough to follow, if a little odd (as you’d expect). As you can see in the video, users first need to create a folder containing an app icon which they’d like to hide from Apple’s iOS. Then, you’ll need to drag this icon out of the folder while tapping the Home screen button. Following this, the icon should disappear from your iPhone altogether.

Take a look:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

This isn’t a permanent move, however: all you need to do is restart your iPhone, and the icon — or icons — will reappear. Plus, while removed, the app itself will continue to function as normal; it’ll also appear in Spotlight search results, too.

Of course, in the past iOS device owners have achieved similar results using a range of different jailbreak tweaks. While this recent trick doesn’t require a jailbreak to be applied in order to function, it’s likely that Apple will patch the quirk in its iOS software in a future release. It’s unlikely Cupertino will ever allow its users to delete stock apps from their iOS devices, even if this is something Android users have been able to do for a while.

So, take a look at the above video if you’re interested in trying this quick trick out on your own iPhone. But remember: it more than likely won’t be around forever.

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