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Jukebox is an ad-free offline music player for Dropbox

Jukebox, a recent iOS release, offers Dropbox users the chance of streaming music from their account to an iPhone handset free of charge. Better yet, the application is ad free, too, and its developer promises that the software will be “free forever,” meaning iOS users have no excuse not to dive right in.

Save gigabytes each month

The premise behind Jukebox is simple enough. First, you need to import your music from a connected Dropbox account; these tracks are then saved to your iPhone handset for offline playback. Provided this process happens over a Wi-Fi network, it won’t impact on your cellular data usage; moreover, playing tracks back on iOS will also save on your cellular consumption, since the tracks won’t be streamed from an online source (and are rather saved offline).

In terms of the app’s user interface (UI), everything looks great: importing tracks is easy to do, and the playback screen features the usual music controls alongside album artwork. In fact, the import process is made easier by the fact that Jukebox actually scans your Dropbox folder for audio tracks, before allowing users to select them for import. This means you won’t have to root through your file system in order to select and import albums individually.

Jukebox for iOS.

Jukebox for iOS.

The app’s developer explains:

Jukebox is an offline music player for audio files in your Dropbox. Save GBs of data each month by downloading your favorite songs from Dropbox into Jukebox. Browse your music by song, artist, album, etc. and listen to music in a beautiful, fully-featured player.

Indeed, perhaps Jukebox’s best feature is its price: the app is not only free to download, but it’s ad-free, too, while at the same time offering a premium feel. The developer behind Jukebox promises that the software will be “free forever,” meaning we shouldn’t expect a nasty monetization tactic to reach the application in the near future.

For anyone with a Dropbox account, Jukebox is a must-have. You can download it on the App Store free of charge, and as mentioned it’s optimized for the iPhone/iPod touch only.

Of course, your other option would be to take Apple Music or Spotify for a spin. And though both are great services, for anyone with a huge library of music saved to their computer, Jukebox’s solution looks like an attractive one. After all, you can’t argue with the price.

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