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Kindle for iOS gets social sharing features, parallel downloads

Kindle for iOS gets social sharing features, parallel downloads

January 11, 2016

Amazon has sent out a nice update for its Kindle iOS app, making a number of changes to the mobile software. Chief among them are enhanced social features, as well as the ability to download three e-books simultaneously.

Get social in Kindle

So, Kindle’s iOS users can indeed enjoy social sharing in version 4.16 of the application: this feature makes it “easier than ever” to recommend a book to a friend, according to Amazon, and you can even send quotations from e-books using a range of connected apps, too.

In the app’s release notes, Amazon explains:

This feature makes it easier than ever to recommend a book to a friend or chat about a funny quote. Kindle book readers (or senders) can recommend the book or share a quote from the book with whomever they want – one friend, a group of friends, or more. Customers can choose from the apps they use every day to chat with friends like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, as well as email, texting, and more.

This is a nice addition to the Kindle software; while I’ve never been one for reading books on my iOS devices (the backlight’s a killer), it is nevertheless nice to see Amazon take advantage of Apple’s mobile platform through integrating sharing in this way.

Kindle for iOS.

Kindle for iOS.

Parallel downloads

Aside from social sharing, however, Amazon has also brought parallel downloads to Kindle for iOS. Now, users of the free app can download up to three e-books simultaneously. Before, it had indeed been only possible to download a single title at once: something the more hardcore bookworms out there might have struggled with.

This, aside from minor UX improvements to Audible, sums up Kindle’s latest iOS update. The bottom line, then, is that social functionality and parallel downloads make the application better than ever.

You can download Kindle for iOS free of charge on the App Store, and as before, it’s optimized for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

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