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The Force is strong with DataMan's latest update

The Force is strong with DataMan's latest update

January 10, 2016

DataMan, the popular iOS app for managing your iPhone’s cellular data consumption, has received an update adding a nice "Star Wars" theme that can be downloaded free of charge.

Feel the Force

You can download the updated DataMan right now: it’s available for $1.99 on the App Store, and is optimized for the iPhone and Apple Watch. The latest update, version 9.1, adds a number of new features to the app, but chief among them is the brand new Force theme.

Inside DataMan, swipe to reveal the app’s menu and choose Theme, then The Force. Here, you’ll be able to activate the theme for free (although an annoying App Store pop-up ad appeared when I tried to activate the theme, this is easy enough to discard). After navigating back to DataMan’s main interface, you’ll find that a "Star Wars" background, including bold, yellow font, has appeared.

Take a look:

DataMan for iPhone.

DataMan for iPhone.

Besides the new Force-sensitive theme, DataMan’s update has also added useful (albeit less exciting) support for 28-day plans, as well as support for Spanish and Dutch. Finally, a further font, Winter Wonderland, is back in the application and can be downloaded free, too.

Worth the download

DataMan is definitely an iOS app we’d recommend. After inputting your cellular credentials, users can receive updates on their cellular consumption, including smart forecasts based on the amount they’ve used at the current point in their plan. Plus, with Apple Watch support, you can receive all of this information at your wrist.

You can download DataMan on the App Store for $1.99, and as mentioned, it’s optimized for the iPhone/iPod touch and Apple Watch.

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