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Facebook has put Instagram ads everywhere

Facebook has put Instagram ads everywhere

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January 25, 2016

Folks are seeing a lot more posts on their Instagram feeds and no, they’re not photos of adorable puppies. The number of ads showing up on the social network has increased significantly in recent months, according to Re/Code.

Since Facebook launched an Instagram advertising API in August, the number of ads on the site has exploded. According to Brand Networks, one of Instagram’s official ad partners, in September, there were 100 million ad impressions. By December, that number had climbed to 670 million.


Re/Code notes:

These numbers come from just one ad partner, so it’s possible that Instagram’s overall figures are different. But the general trend, that Instagram is showing more ads and those ads are holding their value, is a major positive for Facebook.

So far, Facebook has been quiet on how these ads will translate into revenue. According to analyst firm MoffettNathanson, this number could eventually be a $5 billion per year business.


As a long-time Instagram user, I have noticed the influx of ads. And like many users, I have grown tired of them.

Back in 2012, I expressed my concerns over Facebook’s monetization of Instagram. At the time, I hoped that Facebook would offer a paid Instagram version. That way, users would have a choice between seeing ads or not. I’ll ask again; Would it be asking too much to offer an opt-out package, Facebook?

Instagram is a free download on the App Store.

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