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Apple is looking to expand the number of clock faces in future versions of WatchOS

Apple is looking to expand the number of clock faces in future versions of WatchOS

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February 9, 2016

A new job listing, first spotted by AppleInsider, suggests that future versions of the Apple Watch and WatchOS should offer a number of new clock face options. Currently, there are 12 options for users to select from in WatchOS 2.1.

Apple is searching for a dedicated software engineer to work on the Apple Watch clock face team. Along with different faces, the engineer will be tasked with creating new complications for the wearable device as well.


WatchOS 2.0, which landed in September, brought three new faces – Photo, Photo Album, and Timelapse.

When the watch first shipped back April 2015, nine different clock faces were included. When WatchOS 2.0 arrived in September, Apple added three more choices – Timelapse, Photo, and Photo Album. The Apple Watch Hermes also features a clock face exclusive to that model.

The newest version of WatchOS, 2.2, which is currently in beta testing doesn’t feature any new faces. So it will more than likely be WatchOS 3.0 or later before users will be able to take advantage of any new options.

Apple Watch announcements in March

At a special media event, rumored for Tuesday, March 15, Apple is expected to make a number of new Apple Watch announcements. Apple will reportedly be introducing new band options along with possibly other software improvements in the spring.

A completely revamped “Apple Watch 2″ is scheduled for sometime in the fall.

At the same event, we’re also expecting to see our first glimpse of the “iPhone 5se” and “iPad Air 3.”

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