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Apple rolls out iPhone screen protector installation service in Japan

Apple rolls out iPhone screen protector installation service in Japan

February 5, 2016

Earlier today, it was reported that Apple would be rolling out a service that would offer professional installation of iPhone screen protectors at its retail stores.

Now, as reported by Mac o Takara (via 9to5Mac), the service has already been launched at Apple retail stores in Japan.

Previously, Apple store employees weren’t allowed to install any screen protectors. But with the service, they are now enabled to install screen protectors on customers’ iPhones using special tools and supplies from Belkin, with which Apple has partnered for the service.

Belkin TrueClear Pro

Apple has chosen the Belkin TrueClear Pro screen protection system for its new service. As shown in the video below, this system looks quite easy to use as it comes with a special toolkit and a special application machine. These enable an Apple store employee to meticulously clean an iPhone’s screen and then install a protector on it with minimal time and effort but without air bubbles and other complications.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

Considering that the process is far from foolproof, Apple assures customers that should something go awry during installation, it will redo the process at no additional cost.

At least in Japan, the cost of the screen protector and its installation ranges from around $19 (¥2,180) to around $37 (¥4,280).

The service is expected to be rolled out by Apple in the U.S. and other countries in the coming weeks.

Aside from its new screen protection installation service, Apple will be launching this week an expansion to its Reuse and Recycle Program that will allow customers to trade in their broken iPhones to receive store credits that may go toward the purchase of newer iPhone models. Covering iPhones with broken screens, cameras or buttons (but considering certain caveats), the upcoming trade-in program will offer up to $50, $200, and $250 for a broken iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, respectively.

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