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Apple TV racing fans can drift and race off-road in Go Rally

Apple TV racing fans can drift and race off-road in Go Rally

Apple TV Gaming
February 8, 2016

The fourth-generation Apple TV is a highly capable gaming machine, but thus far, not many titles have truly taken advantage of the possibilities. Chillingo, a division of Electronic Arts, has recently released Go Rally exclusively to the Apple TV, and the game attempts to serve as truly great example of what you can do on the new set-top box.

Amazing graphics and a variety of cars to choose from

Go Rally does something few racing games do, from my experience. You start the game with enough cash to buy a car, but by the end of your first rally have enough to buy a second car plus upgrade it. There are several rally cars and off-roaders to choose from, allowing you to tailor your ride to the track you’re driving on.

GoRally Cars

More than 100 tracks to tear across

Speaking of tracks, there are plenty of those to challenge your driving skills. You start the game on a snowy rally path, and move from there to the forest. Even more challenges await you after those first two rallies, too, with more than 100 tracks to unlock and take on. Even better, you’ll run your races under a variety of conditions, from near-blizzard weather to nighttime driving.

GoRally Night

Use the Siri Remote or a gamepad controller

You can play Go Rally in two different control modes using your Siri Remote, either choosing to tilt your accessory to steer or tap on the glass touchpad. If you have a Bluetooth Made For iPhone gamepad, you can also use that for the game, allowing you even finer-tuned maneuverability control over your rally racer.

GoRally Forest

The chink in the armor

There’s one aspect of the game where I don’t think Chillingo is taking full advantage of the Apple TV. You can’t see your opponents, and only know what your position in the race is when it flashes on the screen. Other racing games allow you to see competing cars, so I’m a bit confused as to why Go Rally misses that point. I doubt it’s due to constraints of the platform, since the other titles pull it off without any problems.

GoRally Standings

Start your engines

Go Rally is exclusively available for the fourth-generation Apple TV. You can find it by searching for “Go Rally” in the tvOS App Store, and the game will cost you $4.99. In addition to the single player rally modes, the game features multiplayer action.

Check out the excitement in the game trailer below, or click here if it fails to load.

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