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Crescent Moon Games announces Zelda-style Legend of the Skyfish for iOS

Crescent Moon Games announces Zelda-style Legend of the Skyfish for iOS

Pocket Gaming
February 27, 2016

Crescent Moon Games, the folks behind a huge number of impressive and much-loved games for the iPhone and iPad, have a new product in the works that certainly appears like it’s worth looking out for.

One for the Zelda fans

TouchArcade first posted about the game, and in its piece, the publication cites The Legend of Zelda among Legend of Skyfish’s "obvious influences." Based on one of the few pieces of artwork so far available for the title (pictured above), this indeed seems to be the case: Crescent Moon Games’ upcoming title certainly looks like a fantasy platformer, and it features hand-painted graphics which seem downright beautiful to behold.

There’s also an interesting gameplay element, too, as TouchArcade adds:

The other interesting thing that sets Legend of the Skyfish apart is that the main character’s weapon is a fishing pole which can be used as both a sword and as a grappling hook to swing from tiny island to tiny island in the game, as well as to "hook" enemies and pull them closer.

This all seems great. The Legend of Zelda is a title which defined a generation of gamers, and anything that takes influence from Link’s adventures sounds good to us. Crescent Moon Games has brought a bunch of successful applications to iOS before, most recently including the roguelike game Microgue.

There’s so far no release window for Legend of the Skyfish, which is too bad. But this is early days for the title, and so hopefully we’ll hear more in the coming weeks and months. Of course, we’ll keep you posted with further information as we receive it, so check back with us.

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