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Think different again, as Apple updates the slogan's trademark

Think different again, as Apple updates the slogan's trademark

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February 29, 2016

Apple hasn’t done much with its “Think different” slogan in the past decade. In fact, the last time the phrase was used by Apple was in 2002, and its trademark was last updated in 2009 to support the iPod in its International Classes. Recently, however, Patently Apple has discovered a new European Patent and Trademark Office filing to expand from one class to eight.

The classes now cover Apple Watch (Horological and chronometric instruments; watches), Apple Pay (financial services); Apple Pencil, iPad, (computers, stylus), games, business management, subscription services, telecommunications, broadcasting, music, television, educational services and Siri (maintenance of proprietary computer software in the field of natural language, speech, speaker, language, voice recognition, and voice-print recognition).

Apple products are no longer on the fringe of society the way they were when the slogan was first introduced, given the popularity of the iPhone and iPad. With that in mind, it seems rather unlikely that the new filing means Cupertino is planning to use it for much of anything. More than likely, this move is just to continue protecting the intellectual property of the slogan, preventing anybody else from using it for the covered classes.

Still,it’s important to note that Apple is paying attention to its slogans, even older ones like “Think different.” There may come a time when the tech giant needs or wants to use the slogan again for a different product (the Apple Car, perchance?), and it’s crucial to keep its trademark filings fresh and updated.

Featured image credit: Hello Revolution

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