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You don't need mad skills to make mad music with PlayGround

You don't need mad skills to make mad music with PlayGround

February 5, 2016

With this new app called PlayGround, your iOS device is your playground when it comes to making amazing music — no special skills required.

Just swipe and tap

Don’t expect to see realistic or skeuomorphic representations of musical instruments, like those found in Apple’s GarageBand. There are none of those in PlayGround, thank you very much.

Rather, what you’ll be seeing lots of in PlayGround are different colored template objects in a multitouch and evolutive graphic interface that you can swipe and tap to create music.

That’s right. PlayGround simply lets you touch and move shapes around your iOS device’s screen, and music that actually sounds good automatically comes out of your iOS device’s speakers or earphones.

Check out its promo video:

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Play with interactive songs

Created by Beatsurfing co-developer HLO, the music-making machine that is PlayGround starts with some electronic songs produced by a diverse of group of artists from around the world, including D-Styles, 20Syl, Herrmutt Lobby, Cotton Claw, Richard Colvaen, Ssaliva, and Beath.

These songs are then made interactive as their beats, notes, and segments are translated into their respective template objects, which activate their corresponding sounds when swiped and tapped (3D Touch integration is notably absent, though).

PlayGround works with algorithms to apply real-time rhythmic and melodic adjustments, thereby enabling you to recognize harmonic patterns and sequences and to ultimately come up with your own musical interpretations.

Look and listen:

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Record and share

PlayGround is great for your own consumption and enjoyment. But it also enables you to let others listen to your musical masterpieces by recording and sharing your favorite sessions with your family and friends.

Better yet, you can connect your iOS device to a speaker next time you’re at a family gathering or a party with friends and then start DJing by playing with PlayGround.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 8.4 or later, PlayGround is out now on the App Store for free. The app comes with three free interactive songs, with additional songs available via in-app purchase for $0.99 each.

I’ve been playing with PlayGround and I’ve been thoroughly impressed. Until I used this app, I didn’t realize I could make great-sounding music without knowing how to play any musical instruments. Download PlayGround now and see — and hear — for yourself.

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