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New AppGuide: Apartment Hunting On The iPhone

Finding an apartment can be a challenging task. There are tons of great iPad apps to help out with this, as we clarified in our AppGuide entitled Finding Apartments On The iPad. The iPhone can also be a handy tool in narrowing down your search. We compare the best ones out there for iPhone in this AppGuide.

Tim Chaten

New AppGuide: Finding Apartments On The iPad

Finding your next place to live is a big deal. It can be hard at times to navigate clunky webpages. The iPad is a great device for finding apartments. There are a ton of apps that do this. We have been going through all the ones out there and here are our favorites.

Tim Chaten

Needing Some Space In The U.K.?

Whether you need a small flat or a few dozen scenic manors, there's now an app for that. Those searching for space can now find available properties and research all 27 million residences in the U.K. from one free app.

Scott Grizzle