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New AppList: Apps To Get The Most Out Of Your 4th Of July Celebration

It's time for the 4th! Fireworks, BBQ, and Family Fun. It's easy to gather with the local crowd and watch the show, but you have an iPhone. It's time you use this little gadget to celebrate the 4th like you never have before! Are you planning to host a 4th of July party this year? Or maybe you’re visiting with friends, and you want liven up the party. Even if you’re going out for an Independence day picnic to catch the local fireworks, these apps can help turn any gathering of friends and family into a party!

Karen Freeman

New AppList: Party Game Apps

From new twists on classic party favorites to entirely new games, you can take advantage of the technology in your pocket the next time you get together with your friends. You and your iDevice will be the life of the party!

Karen Freeman

Review: Sex-A-Ma-Phone

Sex-A-Ma-Phone tells you what you always wanted to know, weather you are hot or not so much. It will take you breath analyze it and give you a reading for you and your friends to laugh at.

Staff Writer