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Learn About Astrology And The Signs Of The Zodiac

Best Apps to learn all about Astrology and the Zodiac Signs, Natal Charts, House, Systems, and Constellations. Explore how the position of the planets affects each sign and how to find out your star sign and more. Read about which are the most accurate and preferred Astrology Styles and why.

Time Nomad
iPhemeris Astrology Charts
Learn Astrology and the Zodiac

Best Apps

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Time Nomad
Time Nomad

Time Nomad

Denis Zubkov

Your astrological companion app

Your astrological companion app. Explore astrology in clarity and style. Track transits in real time. See upcoming changes.

Stay up to date with your astrological transits, phases of the Sun and the Moon, explore your natal chart and learn meanings of planetary forces and aspects. Information is presented in unadorned, concise yet expressive manner to help seeing a bigger picture.

Compose a...

iPhemeris Astrology Charts
iPhemeris Astrology Charts

iPhemeris Astrology Charts

Clifford Ribaudo

The best iPhone Astrology software (also on Mac)

The best iPhone Astrology software (also on Mac)! Includes: Natal Charts, Transit Charts, Progressions, Relocation, Solar & Lunar Return, Relationship & Composite charts, mid-points and a tabular Ephemeris and Calendars for the years 1700-2099 (extendable to 5000 years 2500 BC to 2500 AD) • You'll love "Sky Now", a continuously updating chart of the sky for any location • Customize...

Learn Astrology and the Zodiac
Learn Astrology and the Zodiac

Learn Astrology and the Zodiac


Are you clueless about zodiac signs

Are you clueless about zodiac signs? Are you trying to learn about the horoscope, but books and websites just aren’t sticking? With Brainscape, you'll learn all the most important things to know about astrology.

Brainscape is here to help you memorize the fundamental signs, personality traits, and romantic compatibilities from both the traditional horoscopic and Chinese lunar calendars. Applying the latest...



Kairon K.S.

Kairon is an astrology calculation software for highest precision calculations

Kairon is an astrology calculation software for highest precision calculations.
Kairon will not do any interpretations for you, nor will it teach you astrology.

Kairon can be very individually configured, or it can be used with the standard settings as is. All settings take immediate effect and are no longer outside of the app like in previous versions.



Self updating atlas, that will...

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Lunarium Ltd

iLuna is an interactive astrological calendar.

iLuna allows to easily find out the lunar phase, the Moon's position in the signs of the zodiac and mansions, and a void-of-course period for any day from the year 2005 to the year 2050. It also provides a description for each phase, sign and...

Astrological Charts Pro
Astrological Charts Pro
Astrological Charts Pro

Astrological Charts Pro

Roman Shimchenko

Astrological Charts Pro is a professional astrological program for iOS, which reports 12 types of astrological charts, contains, besides planets, 6 asteroids and 23 fictitious points, including trans-Neptunian, and several lots.

There is a choice of 11 house systems, 20 types of aspect with customizable orbs and database of about...

Zodiac Constellations by Star Walk 2
Zodiac Constellations by Star Walk 2
Zodiac Constellations by Star Walk 2

Zodiac Constellations by Star Walk 2

Vito Technology Inc.

What sign of zodiac were you born in?
Interested in astronomy or astrology?
Like watching night sky full of constellations and stars?

With the help of this little astronomy app you’ll discover the dates of the twelve zodiac signs and observe amazing 3D models of constellations, look at them from...

AstroWorx Astrology
AstroWorx Astrology
AstroWorx Astrology

AstroWorx Astrology

Indiworx OHG

AstroWorx Astrology - THE Astro application for individual natal charts and many other chart types!

With AstroWorx you get an extensive application for Astrology - ideal for the ambitious amateur astrologers or seriously interested people who want to delve deeper into astrology.

General Features:
• Chart types / divisions: natal chart, forecast/transits, "Astro...

Vedic Astrology 101:Glossary and News
Vedic Astrology 101:Glossary and News
Vedic Astrology 101:Glossary and News

Vedic Astrology 101:Glossary and News

Feng Liu

This is the all-inclusive App to Self Learn and understand Vedic Astrology.

* We have included important facts, knowledge and information and put them into reference sheets.

* We carefully selected the Experts Video channel for quicker learning and tips for beginners.

* We also have the up-to-date News, to...



Satyavrat Mehrotra

This app calculates and displays your birth chart. Following are the main features of this program:

- Choice of Zodiacs i.e Vedic Sidereal, Tropical, New Tropical
- Displays Birth Chart in Western, North and South Indian styles
- Displays Divisional (Harmonic) charts i.e. D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7,D8,D9,D10,D11,D12,D16,D20,D24,D27,D30,D40,D45,D60
- Displays planetary positions with respect to Zodiacal Signs...

Astrology Master Class
Astrology Master Class
Astrology Master Class

Astrology Master Class

Tony Walsh

Take a Master Class in the World of Astrology with this superb collection of over 450 tutorial and informative videos.

All aspects of Astrology are covered so why not immerse yourself in this fascinating world.

Tutorials include:
Astrology Lesson 1
Astrology Lesson 2 - Houses
How Astrology Works
The Powers of the Moon Sign
Graphic Analysis of...

Astrology Explained
Astrology Explained
Astrology Explained

Astrology Explained

Tony Walsh

Astrology is a fascinating subject studied by millions. Now you can easily learn about all aspects of astrology with this apps 298 tuitional video lessons.

Lessons include:
Astrology Lesson 1- Basics of a Horoscope
Astrology Lesson 2- Sun in Vedic Astrology
Astrology Lesson 3- Moon in Vedic Astrology
Astrology Lesson 4- Mars in Vedic Astrology

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Astrology Made Easy

Astrology Made Easy

Anthony Walsh

Learn about Astrology with this series of 198 informative video guides.

Guides include
Astrology lesson 1 Astrology aspects made easy What are astrology aspects SATURN
Astrology lesson 2 Astrology degree of planets and signs made easy What are degrees in astrology
Astrology lesson 3 What are Nakshatra in vedic astrology secrets of Zodiac signs
Astrology lesson 4 Astrology aspects made easy What are astrology aspects JUPITER
Astrology lesson 5 Astrology aspects made easy What are astrology aspects MARS
Astrology lesson 6 Astrology gemstones details Planetary gems secrets Gem therapy
Astrology lesson 7 WRONG Gemstone recommendation by vedic astrologers around the world
Astrology lesson 8 Astrology lesson 5 Yogas in Vedic Astrology Raj yoga and Yoga karka planets
Astrology lesson 9 Best Vedic Astrologer Poor Why most astrologers are struggling for money
Astrology Lesson 10 Kal Sarp Yoga exposed in Vedic Astrology
Astrology Lesson 11 Planetary Strenight in Astrology and Vedic Astrology
Astrology lesson 12 Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga in Vedic Astrology
Learn Astrology in 10 Minutes 3 Astrology ABCs
Astro 301 Solar and Natal Charts - The Architecture of Incarnation
Moon in Virgo
Moon in Virgo in Astrology
Pisces Midheaven Fame Fortune and Facebook
Venus in Aries Aries in Love
What I Love About Gemini Alyssa Sharpe
What I Love About Aries Alyssa Sharpe
Gemini AscendantRising in Astrology
As Above So Below Part 1
As Above So Below Part 2
Why Astrology Works
Introduction Video to Astrology Series
The Twelve Houses of Astrology
Maurice Fernandez on Teaching Astrology Holistically
Astro 310 Mercury in Transit - The Architecture of Incarnation - w Christopher Witecki
Pluto Uranus Square 2012-15How it Will Affect You Personally
Basic Astrology Sign Planet Glyphs
Role of Uranus
Alice O Howell Stars Cycles and Psyche - Psychological Aspects of Astrology
Basic Astrology Degrees
Astro 312 Putting it all together
Mayan Astrology Mayan Zodiac Signs and Mexican Spirituality with Yuriria Robles Aguayo
Medieval Astrology with Martha Goenaga de Orozco Co-Author of Cita con los Astrologos
Mexican Astrology Fixed Stars - Cecilia Ortiz Bullee Goyri Co-Author of Cita con los Astrologos
Pluto in Virgo Generation Those born from 1957-1972This message is for you
Alchemy the Zodiac - Secret Teachings of the Mystery Schools
Part 1 Are there PSYCHIC INDICATORS in Astrology Does everyone have psychic ability
You Are Not Your Zodiac Sign
Gemini Full Moon -- Stepping Up
Aries 2015 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast
Patricia Walsh Evolutionary Astrologer Interview with Nadiya Shah
Part 3 Psychic Indicators in Astrologydoes everyone have psychic ability
Horoscope Decans at Darkstar Astrology
Marina Macario at Darkstar Astrology
Sex Your Zodiac Sign Part 1 Aries-Virgo
North Node in Scorpio or 8th House Astrology Series by Nadiya Shah
Aries Annual Stars for 2015
Virgo Annual Stars for 2015
Uncut Astrology W The Leo King Episode 3 Week of Jan 14-20 2015 Nodes on Pluto Uranus Square
Saturn Recap
Aquarius SuperMoon and Mercury Retrograde
Basic Astrology Mercury Retrograde
The 4th House in Your Horoscope Your Soul
Mercury Retrograde
CRAZY TIMES New Moon in Aquarius Readings FRAZZLED to the core
What Natal Chart Says about Love Life Astrology Charts
Astropsychologycouk How to Read a Natal Chart - Tutorial Series Session One
Gemini RisingAscendant The Committee by ChrystallynnCowgirlastrologercom
Conscious Life Expo Los Angeles 2015 The New Age Astrology Lecture by The Leo King
Astrology Forecast - February 18th 2015 New Moon on AquariusPisces Cusp - Wisdom of The Fool
Lunar Forecast February 20th - 21st
Why is Jupiter Not Bringing Me Good Luck Astrology FAQ answer by Nadiya Shah
What Does it Mean to Be a Double or a Triple Sign Astrology FAQ answer by Nadiya Shah
Uranus in the 5th House Leo Spiritual astrology
Spiritual astrology Pluto in your Chart Pluto 5th house LEO

and many more

Mansions of the Moon

Mansions of the Moon

Stuart Woolley

From the writings of Francis Barrett in his 19th Century work 'The Magic' comes the idea that the Lunar month is divided into 28 days or 'Mansions' and each is governed by a specific Angel and is related to a sign of the zodiac.
In addition, each Angel and governed Mansion brings a set of effects that come to pass on that specific day in the Lunar cycle.

'Mansions of the Moon' supplies you with information for today
* Current day in the Lunar Cycle
* Image of the current Lunar Phase
* Governing Angel
* Associated Sign of Zodiac^
* Effects of the Day

Find out what is influencing your day, today.

'Mansions of the Moon' updates once per day, similar to a calendar, on the moment the moon passes the boundary between the individual days of its Lunar Cycle.
For optimum usage, consult every day for new information.

* No internet connection required

The associated sign is NOT the sign in which the Moon currently resides during its journey across the heavens. For this information you may wish to seek out our other application 'Wiccan Moon'.