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Weave Through Mazes, Traffic, And More

Arcade games come in many varieties, but there might not be any that are as popular as the ones in which you weave through mazes, traffic, and more. This genre is highlighted by Pac-Man and Frogger as they both share the weave based idea. There are many games inspired by those two arcade classics, as well as spins on the classic formulas.

Disney Crossy Road
Wire #SorryBro
Froodie - Road Crossing Frog Frogger
Ms. PAC-MAN Lite

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Why'd the chicken cross the road?
Crossy Road

Crossy Road


A Modern Day Frogger

Crossy Road is a hit sensation when it comes to mobile arcade games. You'll find plenty of voxel art style charm here, great sound effects that change with your character, and high replay value as you strive to beat your previous high score. Keep crossing the street and rivers, making sure you don't fall behind too much, because that's bad news. Collect the coins and use them to get random characters that change the game's appearance and sounds.

Get A 256 Dot Combo
PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze

PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

PAC-MAN 256 is a modernized take on the classic PAC-MAN formula with an endless twist.

The 256 Glitch returns in PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze as the foe that everyone and everything fears in the PAC-MAN world. In PAC-MAN 256, players take on the role of PAC-MAN as he tries to outrun the ghosts while gobbling up all of the tasty white dots and other fruit items. However, this time it's an endless maze, and not only do you have to watch out for the pesky ghosts, but don't let the 256 Glitch catch up to you, or it's game over.

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Get Mickey hopping
Disney Crossy Road

This mix of Disney characters and the Crossy Road game is full of fun.

Disney Crossy Road

Disney Crossy Road


In the same style as the original Crossy Road game, in Disney Crossy Road you will tap to make your character hop across traffic, trains, and waters. Swipe to move in different directions to pick up items and coins. With over 100 Disney and Pixar figurines, you can unlock them...

Wire #SorryBro
Wire #SorryBro
Wire #SorryBro

Wire #SorryBro


Wire is an addictive one touch game where you have to navigate as a magical wire through a series of challenging obstacles. The game also offers 19 unlockable skins that feature each a unique music experience.

You are invited to navigate as far as possible and make your best score.




BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

PAC-MAN introduces Story Mode!

Travel on an exciting journey: experience various maze designs with new obstacles and power-ups in an effort to eat all the pac-dots and avoid the pesky Ghost Gang. Unlock, restore, and customize your new arcade cabinets and build the greatest neighborhood arcade.

PAC-MAN is the retro arcade game...

Froodie - Road Crossing Frog Frogger
Froodie - Road Crossing Frog Frogger
Froodie - Road Crossing Frog Frogger

Froodie - Road Crossing Frog Frogger


Froodie is a classic, retro arcade frogger game. In this lovely frog game the main character is Froodie. You need to guide him by moving towards the finish line. Our cute Froodie is stuck on a road and he faces different obstacles, a simple arcade game in which you need...



BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

What good is it to be the retro old school king of the arcades if PAC-MAN doesn't have a QUEEN to share the arcade kingdom with? Try the queen of the arcade's version of the world famous videogame with Ms. PAC-MAN! Earn high scores as you guide Ms. PAC-MAN through...

Cube Move: The Great Escape - Free Arcade Game
Cube Move: The Great Escape - Free Arcade Game
Cube Move: The Great Escape - Free Arcade Game

Cube Move: The Great Escape - Free Arcade Game

App Advisory

Take your square and move move move!

Drag left and right to weave your way through a maze of dynamically changing puzzles.

Upgrade your cube to be smaller, faster, more agile or obtain your stars quicker by increasing your pulling force.

Compete with the world for the #1 spot on the online leader...

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Could be good for special cases

Candy Road - 3D Arcade Frogger

Candy Road - 3D Arcade Frogger


#FLAP to cross the road.
#EXPLODE cars with candy power-ups.
#WIN characters with claw machine.

Go on an epic adventure and flap across the road in this endless arcade flapping game. Flap past more than 180 unique and ruthless vehicles, collect superpowers to DEMOLISH them, and embrace the adrenaline rush of flying through worlds like Mysterious Forest, Hot Desert, Charming Oasis, Bustling City, Winter Wonderland, Fairyland, Candy World, and Donut Kingdom as one of the cute and exotic characters!

Embark on your flying road crossing adventure alone or with friends to see who can get the top score!

Candy Road features:
● Munch away at the delicious candy power-ups: Juicy Jellybean, Crunchy Chocolate, Lip-Smacking Lollipop and more!
● Unlock and play as one of the 50+ delightful and lovable characters
● Collect yummy waffles to catch and unlock a character from the fun UFO claw machine!
● Dodge and weave to avoid cars, trucks, tanks, buses, ice cream truck and other vehicles
● Find hidden characters in game
● Play in the Donut Kingdom and avoid the rolling donuts!
● Collect gifts and waffles from the erupting giftbox
● Post your highscore on the Leaderboard

What else? Play now and find out!
And tell your friends before they tell you!

Visit if you need help!

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Have fun playing Candy Road!

Bunny Run - Cross the street avoiding cars & tracks!

Bunny Run - Cross the street avoiding cars & tracks!


Jump past cars, hurdle trains, and fly past boats in this dynamic arcade romp today! Download Bunny Run and discover how this visually stunning, intensely addicting survival action extravaganza can help put the punch back in your day right now!

Bunny Run is a wildly addicting new arcade gaming experience that takes a fresh spin on “run & dodge” arcade action. Think Frogger-esque action with a vibrantly dynamic twist, endless gameplay, and graphics that flow as smoothly as the gameplay itself. Thats Bunny Run in a nutshell.

The game is simple: You take the reigns of a cute n’ cuddly white bunny - and this bunny wants to keep going and going! Its up to you to keep him going forward, navigating safely across busy railroads, regular roads, and rivers!

Players start with 3 lives, but they’ll have help in their fast paced bunny journey, and they’ll be rewarded for taking risks and making close calls. Bunny Run’s scoring system is very straightforward. The further you go the more points you get. Bonus point can be earned for successfully getting past close calls with trains, cars, trucks, and boats too.

Get into the action with 3 unique game modes:

1. Don’t Get Smashed - Dodge everything including cars, trucks, trains, and boats!
2. Roads Only - Take our chances against an endless array of busy streets & highways!
3. Trainworld - The name says it all. Get past as many sets of train tracks as you can!
+ There’s many more unique game-words and play modes on the way soon!

This isn’t a simplistic family friendly action experience. Bunny Run is an exhilarating game that keeps things fresh with a variety of power-ups, bonuses, and extra live rewards - players just have to be quick enough to grab them before they disappear!

Bunny Run includes internal scoreboards where you can keep track of your best runs and gives your the power to share your scores with friends & family via Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networks with the click of a button too! Complete with a help section built to introduce novice players to the game and original in-game music, Bunny Run will have you jumping for joy!

Hop into a world of quick witted arcade entertainment! Get Bunny Run and take your bobbing & weaving gaming skills to the limit today!


● Exciting family friendly “jump & weave” arcade action.
● Endless gameplay. The game only ends when you run out of lives!
● 3 Unique gameplay modes - Battle through General mode w/ cars, trains & boats, dodge cars and nothing else in Car World, or weave around trains and trains only in Train World!
○ Get excited for the future! We’re going to be adding even more unique game-worlds soon!
● Share your scores & brag about your Bunny Run skill in a flash via Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networks!
● Bunny Run includes a full player help section & tutorial.
● Keep track of your best games via an in-app scoreboard.
● Share scores online in a flash via Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networks.
● Rock out to original music or turn it down - it’s all up to you!

Bunny Run is developed by JRSOFTWORX.

Visit the Bunny Run fanpage on




This is the full version of PAC-LABY 3D.

(Free version is limited to 3 random levels, Full version have 45 random levels with 18 song/tracks, Light version is unlimited too, 45 random levels, but just one song/track.)

PAC-LABY 3D is a simple, fun and very addictive game: the goal is to find all pellets in a maze.

The maze is a ramdom construction and composed of 1 to 3 floors. The maze grows at each level, some pellets give options.
You will appreciate the speed of this 3D game and the difficulty of superposed floors.

- 3D
- Relief & Stereo if you have a 3D stereo device compatible, like Hasbro, HMZ-T1, Side by Side 3D TV, Interlace TV or Lenticular TV/Monitor/Filter
- Multiplayer / Gamekit is used to play against another player for free with your local Wifi network or Bluetooth.
- 18 song tracks will rhythm the game
- Compatible with any iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS 4.1 minimum.
- The machines iPad1/2/3, iPhone 3G, 4, 4S, and iPod equivalent, will support 60 FPS (frame per second = refresh rate).
- use of the accelerometer (with "helico" bonus)
- two play modes for beginner or expert

Have fun like me and them ! thank you in advance for your rate and your note.

Futher informations:

"a noteworthy 3D PacMan game: classic gameplay with intense rock music, challenging but not toughest level mode and support for 2x multiple mode ( play against with another with local Wifi network or Bluetooth ), all of these will bring you a new visual experience, and retrieve a memorable childhood time. In addition, the advantage of the classic game is it is fit for all kinds of people, we bet you will spend a happy and warm time if you play it with your family. " ---