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Best Audiobook Player Apps

Audiobooks are an amazing invention. They let you listen to your favorite books, both classics and new finds. They are perfect for studying textbooks and so much more. This collection of apps lets you play audiobooks from a variety of sources. Download an audiobook from wherever and listen to it on one of these amazing apps.

Cloudbeats audiobooks offline
Audiobooks Now Audio Books
Bookmobile Audiobook Player
Bound - Cloud Audiobooks

Best Apps

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Gianni Carlo

A wonderful player for your M4B/M4A/MP3 based audiobooks

A wonderful player for your M4B/M4A/MP3 based audiobooks.


– Using AirDrop from your Mac or iOS device
– From Files and other apps on your device
– Via File Sharing in iTunes on your Mac or PC
– Zip files with your folders and books


– Maintain and see progress of your books
– Mark books as finished
– Drag & Drop to sort your library
– Create...

Also Good

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Cloudbeats audiobooks offline
Cloudbeats audiobooks offline
Cloudbeats audiobooks offline

Cloudbeats audiobooks offline

Roman Burda

Listen to your audiobooks library anywhere directly from Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive and other cloud services. Save space on your device as you no longer need to keep large audio files on your iPhone and sync with iTunes.

・ Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Box, Mediafire
・ My Cloud...

Audiobooks Now Audio Books
Audiobooks Now Audio Books
Audiobooks Now Audio Books

Audiobooks Now Audio Books

With over 80,000 titles, Audiobooks Now Audio Books lets you stream or download books. The app has a sleep timer, automatic bookmarks, playback speed controls, auto pause and resume for incoming calls, and syncing across your devices.

Bookmobile Audiobook Player
Bookmobile Audiobook Player
Bookmobile Audiobook Player

Bookmobile Audiobook Player

Freshmowed Software

Simply Better. Easier-to-use, clean design, full control, and audio from more sources. Bookmobile provides a better experience for listening to audiobooks than any other app.

Try it for free! Download the app as a FREE TRIAL of up to 5 audiobooks for 60 days. If you like it, an In-App purchase...

Bound - Cloud Audiobooks
Bound - Cloud Audiobooks
Bound - Cloud Audiobooks

Bound - Cloud Audiobooks

Tim Bueno

Listen to your favorite audiobooks. Download from the cloud.

• Download: Link your cloud storage account. Quickly download your audiobook files.

• Play: Play your audiobooks in a beautiful modern interface.

• Bookmark: Automatically saves your listening position. So you never lose your place.

Supported Audio File Types (DRM-free only): .mp3, .m4a, .m4b, .aac

Audiobook Player SmartBook
Audiobook Player SmartBook
Audiobook Player SmartBook

Audiobook Player SmartBook

Mate Kovacs

Do you have downloaded audiobooks that you want to play easily on your phone?
Do you want to bring your best books with you everywhere you go?

Then download and try SmartBook, the best audiobook player on the market!

It remembers where you stopped listening and track your overall status in the book!


MP3 Audiobook Player
MP3 Audiobook Player
MP3 Audiobook Player

MP3 Audiobook Player

Oleg Brailean

MP3 Audiobook Player is a convenient app for listening MP3 and M4B format books on any Apple gadget. No need to waste your time for books converting anymore!
NOTE: The app is only a tool for listening - NO audiobooks are included!

There are a lot of sources for finding good audiobooks...

MP3 Audiobook Player Pro
MP3 Audiobook Player Pro

Listen to your existing audio books in a simple interface.

MP3 Audiobook Player Pro

MP3 Audiobook Player Pro

Oleg Brailean

MP3 Audiobook Player offers a convenient place to keep and access your existing files if you don't want to go through your phone's onboard Music app. It supports MP3s (obviously) and Apple's M4B audiobook format. This app aims to make listening to audiobooks in MP3 and M4B formats easy and...

Big Finish Audiobook Player
Big Finish Audiobook Player
Big Finish Audiobook Player

Big Finish Audiobook Player

Hughes Media

Official Big Finish - Audiobook and Audio Drama Player

The best way to listen to your Big Finish audio books on your iOS device.

Download and store your library of Big Finish audio files on your Apple device. Listen to great stories from the following ranges wherever your are: Doctor Who, Sherlock...



Charles Butler

The audiobook player for audiodrama enthusiast.

Keep your audiobook's separated from your audio drama collection. It's as easy as adding #audiodrama to the comments in iTunes.

Supports embedded chapters and multi-track books.

Two progress indicators, one for the total length and another for chapter length.

Remembers playback position

Includes a sleep timer

Uses iTunes to manage...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases



Paper Plane Studios

Play the book not the albums. AudBooks scans your device's iPod library and gathers together albums into books. You can then listen to the entire book with just one tap. Add bookmarks for your favourite passages. AudBooks automatically remembers the last position you listened to for each book, even if you have several books on the go at once. Additionally, AudBooks remembers book details across iPod syncs, so if you want, you can remove a book from your device and later, when you put the book back on, you can carry on listening from exactly where you left it - great if you have a device with limited memory.

A natural extension to the iPod app.


- Organise all of your audiobooks, AAC, MP3, etc and traditional audiobook formats.
- See all books by an author in one place, no matter what format.
- Automatically remembers positions for all books, great for different books for different moods; or for yourself and the kids.
- Unclutter your books by telling the app to ignore authors (artists) or books (albums) that you do not want listed. I.e. you can tell the app not to show all of the music albums on your device. Swipe table cell in Book and Author views.
- Fast forward or rewind through all of the tracks in all of the albums of a book seamlessly.
- Play an entire book with a single tap - Great for long journeys.
- Unlimited bookmarks. Supply your own name for a bookmark, or use the suggested one.
- Instant bookmarks - add while you listen.
- Manage bookmarks - swipe entry in any of the Bookmarks views.
- Plays in the background. Use other apps or lock the screen to save power while continuing to listen to your book.
- Works with docking stations and headsets.
- Control playback from the locked screen.
- Automatically recognises when you update your iPod library and re-scans to identify the changes made.
- Built-in sleep timer - go to sleep listening to your favourite book.
- Recent Books list - Double tap the Book title in the Now Playing view to show the most recent five books. Choose the book you want to immediately start playing from that book's last listened position.
- Choose how far to rewind the current track when playback continues after receiving a phone call (via the Settings view).
- Swipe left/right on the Now Playing view album art to rewind/fast-forward by 30 seconds.

For more information visit the Support website.

If you like AudBooks please give it a review, feedback is always welcome. Also, please use the Support email for any help you may need with AudBooks.

Book Mower Audiobook Player

Book Mower Audiobook Player

Freshmowed Software

Thousands of details have been considered in pursuit of a single goal: make getting, playing, and managing audiobooks a delightful experience.

Precise Control:
Sliders are difficult with long audio. If you mis-slide, you can't get back to where you were, making it very easy to lose your place. For this reason, Book Mower has no position scrubber. Instead, the app provides customizable skip buttons: jump by specific amounts in either direction.

A Driving Mode makes listening to audiobooks in the car safer. The screen becomes tap-to-play/pause and swipe-to-skip.

Book Mower continues playing in the background after leaving the app, and automatically transitions between parts of books.

Automatic Bookmarks:
Book Mower will keep track of your progress with automatically created bookmarks. Events, such as chapter transitions, interruptions (like phone calls), and app suspensions, get bookmarked. Just tapping Pause will create a bookmark also, so you don't have to do anything special to create one. Then, if you customize any bookmarks -- change their name, color, position or notes, -- they become permanent, and you can export them as HTML/CSV/Text.

The Sleep Timer has features like shake-to-add-time, auto screen dimming, and it bookmarks when the timer started and ended, so you can easily pick up where you dozed off.

Playback Speed Controls offer fine-grained adjustment, with non-linear increments: from slightly faster to double speed.

Book Mower works great with remote controls, like Bluetooth or Apple headphones. With any audio, you can play/pause remotely. If you listen to DRM-free audiobooks, you can also skip +/- 30 seconds, and create bookmarks even while the app is backgrounded.

Complete control over audio files:
- Reorder parts/chapters.
- Rename audiobooks and parts/chapters.
- Cover artwork can be added or replaced -- just a simple copy-and-paste of any image from web or photo library. Use hi-res images for Retina display devices.
- Download/delete/re-download audio files whenever you want.

Redirect audio output with AirPlay support.

Get, play and manage audio content from a wide variety of sources -- iTunes,,, CDs, public library downloads, ... .

Free Audiobooks included:
Search or Browse through thousands of titles available from directly in the app. Browse and add to your Bookshelf, then download when you are ready to listen.

iTunes Audiobook Store is built right in: browse the most popular titles and search the entire catalog.

Audio File Types Supported:
- DRM-enabled content (from or iTunes Store)
- non-DRM content (from web downloads, CDs, etc.)
- M4B audiobooks, including chapters, artwork
- MP3 audio files, including artwork, ID3 tags
- import individual audio files or Zip archives (including artwork image files)

Audio Import Options (for mp3, m4b, or zip files):
- add from on-device iTunes Library (required for DRM-enabled audio, like from Audible)
- use iTunes File Sharing (no syncing required)
- Open in... Book Mower from Dropbox, and most other cloud storage systems
- use a web browser on your computer to transfer files.

Try it for free! Try it as a FREE TRIAL with 5 audiobooks for up to 60 days, then only $3.99 for unlimited audiobooks.

AudioBook - Audio Books Player

AudioBook - Audio Books Player

Van Manh Nguyen


- Best audio book player I found love it”
- I love this app, it is great to have so many classic literatures in audio versions...”
- I listen to audiobooks while I'm at work, it makes the time go by a lot of faster. All the readers bring something different to the book story”

Not enough time for reading all classic books you like? With our Audiobooks 7000+, it is not your problem anymore. Whether you are stuck in traffic, waiting for someone, or just relaxing on your sofa, you are able to listen to beloved audiobooks at the touch of your finger.

• Enjoying High-quality Audio Books
Over 1000+ Modern, classic audio books and even more. We are also offering the superior categories methods and search functions to find your books as quick as possible.

• Listening to audiobooks anywhere
Just select a book, put in your earbuds, and you will instantly brighten your busy day. You'll look forward to that commute, workout, or even doing the dishes, knowing a good story awaits you.

• Free downloading your favorite books for offline listening
Absolutely NO fee to own the audio books and even NO network consuming to enjoy a book, cool?

• Sharing your feelings with comments and votes
Are you interested in one book? Or how do you feel about one characteristic? Feel free to show your thinking with another.

Your feedback feeds our motivation, so feel free to raise your voice by sending email at [email protected] We'll get back to you shortly.