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The Best Brick Breaker Games

Brick breakers are an arcade stalwart ever since Breakout and Arkanoid delivered the now familiar style. Slide the paddle at the bottom of the screen to bounce the ball back up towards the brick arrangement at the top of the screen. The App Store is filled with brick breakers that range from the retro inspired to new modern twists.

Hyperforma Premium
Blasty Bubs: Brick Breaker
Jerk Cubeer-Brick Breaker
Xtreme Brick Breaker: Infinite

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Hack the core
Hyperforma Premium

Hyperforma Premium


Hyperforma is a challenging brick breaker arcade game that's unlike anything you've played before.

Hyperforma is a brick-breaking arcade game that takes place in a vast and empty cyberspace left behind by humans. Hack your way through and unravel the secrets of past civilizations.

Crazy action


Kevin John


"...I spent at least two hours curled up with my iPad, paddling balls at breakfast. Well-played, Breakforcist."
- Kotaku

Enjoy the chaotic & addictive arcade action of the world’s first breakfast/exorcism themed brick-breaker!

Use your magical ball & paddle to save breakfast from the clutches of the evil demon “Howdy” through endless waves of possessed waffles! A fresh take on an old-school game...

Blasty Bubs: Brick Breaker
Blasty Bubs: Brick Breaker

Blasty Bubs


Brick breaker meets pinball

Brick breaker meets pinball. The angle and gravity are the key.
Aim the balls carefully in this new brick breaker game to destroy the blocks!
Combine powerups for maximum destruction!
Challenge yourself and your friends in a crazy chaotic innovative brick breaker.
Calculate your shots' angle to beat your score

Blasty Bubs Features

Original brick breaker mechanic
* Play Down-Top with an awesome gravity effect!
* Use the...

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Xtreme Brick Breaker
Xtreme Brick Breaker
Xtreme Brick Breaker

Xtreme Brick Breaker

Manuel Tran

Classic Brick Breaking Arcade Action with Modern Features. Enjoy intense and challenging Breakout game play in this Arkanoid type game! Master 100 Levels with over 20 Power-Ups and Power-Up Combos!

Includes a professionally designed, full featured Level Editor for you to design your own levels and share!

Finally! A modern brick breaking...

Jerk Cubeer-Brick Breaker
Jerk Cubeer-Brick Breaker
Jerk Cubeer-Brick Breaker

Jerk Cubeer-Brick Breaker


The most beautiful brick breaker game with tons of new fun physics effects never seen before!

The best quality full 3D graphics

Use the paddle and the power ball to defeat your enemies

Jerk Cubeer : I will press you to make a cube !!

play it NOW!

Game Features:
- Brilliant Full 3D Graphics...

Xtreme Brick Breaker: Infinite
Xtreme Brick Breaker: Infinite
Xtreme Brick Breaker: Infinite

Xtreme Brick Breaker: Infinite

Manuel Tran

Non-Stop Classic Brick Breaking Pong Action!

Defeat an endless parade of Bricks. Always changing and always moving with increasing levels of challange.

Test your skills and compare your score with World Rankings.

This is the Endless version of the awesome Xtreme Brick Breaker app. Designed to be quickly playable without any fuss.

Features New...

Brixmasher : Brick Breaker
Brixmasher : Brick Breaker
Brixmasher : Brick Breaker

Brixmasher : Brick Breaker


◈ Addictive, easy, and fun. Experience BRIXMASHER! ◈
◈ A great way to pass the time. ◈
◈ So easy, you can jump right in. No tutorial necessary! ◈
◈ Destroy bricks using the BRIXMASHER ball. ◈

▶ SUPERBOX Official Fan Page :

This game supports '한국어', 'Indonesian', 'Bahasa malay', 'English', '日本語', '中文简体', '中文繁體',...

The game teaches you how to play

A challenging Breakout-type game that lets you earn rings to up your abilities




In Ballz, the idea is to break as many bricks as you can before they touch the ground. You have to know your angles, collect extra balls, and and try to beat the high scores. You can also spend rings to begin with extra balls.

Arkanoid vs Space Invaders
Arkanoid vs Space Invaders

Defeat space invaders with brick breaking skill.

Arkanoid vs Space Invaders

Arkanoid vs Space Invaders


Two classic arcade games have been combined together into one all new challenge. Your goal is to use your best brick breaking skills to reflect the fire of the space invaders to try to take them out.


A fast paced arcade brick breaker with paddles on the top and bottom of the screen.




Brickies presents levels that often last just 30 seconds, and emphasize getting rid of blocks as quickly as possible. To help you in that goal, the game delivers double paddles and all kinds of power-ups.



Little White Bear Studios, LLC

ZenDots is a delightfully playful mashup of old school pinball, and classic brick breakers! Take a few minutes to drop some dots!

Use the flippers to whack the white dot into the color dots. Let the color dots fall off the screen, without losing your white dot. When all the...

Space Buster X
Space Buster X
Space Buster X

Space Buster X

Sylvain Nowe

Play 3 new challenges of 3 levels in different worlds every day and fight to rise on the online leaderboard! The game contains 492 gorgeous pixel art levels, awesome music and sound effects!

You thought you knew everything about Brick Breakers? Guess you don’t! With Space Buster X, Farting Ponies will...



Riverman Media LLC


MUL.MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL is a dazzlingly hand-animated, retro-inspired, modern-playing smash-o-rama that will leave your thumbs twitching and your heart aflutter.

BRAND NEW LEVELS, 100% free for everyone!

MUL.MASH is the underwater 2D action extravaganza you’ve been dreaming...

Brick Breaker Hero!
Brick Breaker Hero!
Brick Breaker Hero!

Brick Breaker Hero!

Game Circus LLC

The classic brick breaker game with a new twist! Your new Arkanoid addiction!
Can you be the villagers' hero and break them out of the monsters' stronghold?
Keep up with the bouncing ball and deflect it with your paddle in this classic breakout game!

From the creators of Coin Dozer and Prize Claw...

Brick Breaker Star
Brick Breaker Star
Brick Breaker Star

Brick Breaker Star

Springcomes Co., Ltd.

Introducing the best Brick Breaker game that everyone can enjoy.
Enjoy various missions and addictively simple play control.

- Hundreds of stages and various missions
- No limit to play such as Heart, play as much as you can!
- No network required
- game file is as low as 20M, light-weight download!
- supports tablet...


A classically inspired brick breaker with colorful level layouts and numerous power-ups.



Tomislav Puzak

BloksOut is an absurdly addictive brick breaker game with colorful level layouts, bosses, enemies, items, and numerous power-ups.

Features that make BloksOut great:
- Fast and colorful action
- Hundreds of Square and Round levels
- Endless levels
- Boss levels
- Minibosses that will try to destroy you
- Enemies which will try to freeze you

Swipe Brick Breaker(TDI x TIA)
Swipe Brick Breaker(TDI x TIA)
Swipe Brick Breaker(TDI x TIA)

Swipe Brick Breaker(TDI x TIA)

TDI Co., Ltd.

Swipe Brick Breaker loved by 10 million users, start now!
A game that you will become addicted to without realizing it while using your wits and control to smash bricks!
[Features of Swipe Brick Breaker]
Even if you turn off the game, you can play indefinitely unless it's game over!
You can play comfortably...

Pinball Breaker - GameClub
Pinball Breaker - GameClub
Pinball Breaker - GameClub

Pinball Breaker - GameClub


It is the world of the future. You can tell because everything is neon. First contact has been made with extraterrestrial life forms, and it is decidedly unfriendly. The last remnants of humanity huddle behind a shield that is only a couple of attacks away from crumbling. You are the...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Air Ping Pong Saga

Air Ping Pong Saga

IJS Solutions

Play ping pong in the air collecting points by hitting stars, balloons and other obstacles. Complete levels with different objectives. Play against the device or your friends. Saga levels and Arcade mode.
* 6 different ball-birds
* 6 different paddles
* 5 tables
* Many obstacles and power-ups
* 20 leaderboards
* 2 Level Packs - 60 levels

Game modes:
* Saga - a unique mix of "Breakout(bricks)", "Ping Pong" and "Air Hockey" type levels
* Arcade
* Two players

* Two Level Packs - "The City" and "The mountains". More level packs coming soon.
* Complete different objectives (Collect, Score, Pop, Blow, Survive, etc.) to pass the level and unlock the next level

* Single Player mode - Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane
* Two-Players mode (same device)
Unlock new weird tables, paddles and flying balls with different features by improving your best score.
The first player to reach 11 points wins a game, however the game must be won by at least two points.
If the player won the game bonus points are awarded and added to the total score and the play continues into the next game.
The play ends with the computer winning a game. Game after game the computer gets smarter and harder to win against. By default initial difficulty level is set to Normal and it can be changed to Easy, Hard or Insane in the Options interface.
In two-player mode the play is over when the game is over.

You can unlock everything fast by just playing the game.

How to play:
- Select difficulty, table, paddle and ball-bird from Option. Choose 1 or 2 players. (Arcade)
- Move your paddles, right, up and down to redirect the ball-bird;
- Complete the objectives(Saga)
- Collect bonus points by hitting balloons and other obstacles;
- Avoid obstacles that will destroy the bird;

- Flap - the default ball-bird. No special powers.
- Spiky - splits every 10 sec - the extra bird scores goals as well
- Robot - heavy and strong. The bombs and the wind do not affect it. Destroys small birds. Can't be lured with the doughnut.
- Bomb bird - explodes after 15 sec. Make sure it does not explode in your half of the field.
- Football - faster, but doubles your score
- Speedy - even faster, but triples your score
- Random - once you best score is enough to unlock all ball birds a Random option will appear. Each point will be played with randomly selected ball-bird

Pans, Wood Piece(2x), Table Tennis Paddles(2x), Baseball Bats(3x), Pipes(4x), Rugby(5x)

Pipes, Wind, Bombs, Big Balloons, UFOs, Fans, Balloon Containers

- 2x balloon - doubles the points collected while the power-up is active
- 3x balloon - triples the points collected while the power-up is active
- Laser balloon - Catch it and a laser cannon will appear and try to shoot the bird-ball. If it succeeds - you win the point. If the opponent catches the laser balloon you should make sure that the bird-ball does not get hit by the laser or you lose a point.
- Small Birds balloon - releases 8 small birds - they distract your opponent and give you extra points
- Doughnut balloon - lure most of the ball-birds with the doughnut
- Star - gives you points
- Small balloon - gives you points
- Star Balloon - releases a big star - catch it and collect a bonus and all small stars on the field
- Safety bubble - When the player hits it - it adds 5 safety bubbles under your gate (single player)
- Gate accelerator - sends to bird-ball fast towards the gate - make sure it is the opponent's gate.
- Ball-bird Accelerator and Decelerator - could be good or bad - depends
- Teleport Balloon - creates a singularity between two points of the field. Whoever catches the balloon has an advantage.
- Plus balloon - releases a power up - catch it and your paddle will become bigger
- Minus balloon - releases a power down - catch it and your paddle will become smaller

Enjoy :-)

Space Gunner : Brick Breaker

Space Gunner : Brick Breaker


Firing dozens of balls in one shot!

Martian~, Gravity~
This time it's brick planet!
Astronaut's romance, Arkanoid.
The astronauts ventured out to find the legendary ship.
And a series of wreck.
Space gunner are mobilized for rescue.

[Space gunner Qualifications]

1. Path analysis ability to defeat all bricks with one shot.
2. Sophisticated aiming ability!
3. Ability to choose appropriate skills!
and, A bit of luck!

[Game Characteristics]

■ Cannon brick, Heal brick, Hole brick, Shield brick and various bricks appeared!
■ Use skill upgrades to Strengthening space cannon!
■ Play rewards are 100% gems!
■ Competition Ranking with Users from all over the World