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Build Good Habits And Track Your Progress With These Amazing Apps

Creating good habits for yourself can be life changing. We've found the best apps to help you build good habits and track your progress so you can stay on track and make the habits last.

Productive - Habit Tracker
Way of Life - Habit Tracker
Good Habits
Streaks for Small Starts — Create healthy habits

Best Apps

Highest scored apps in the category

Productive - Habit Tracker
Productive - Habit Tracker


Apalon Apps

Find your daily regime and become more productive

Productive is a slick app that makes it easy to track your habits and goals. Stop being a slacker today.

Way of Life - Habit Tracker
Way of Life - Habit Tracker

Way of Life

Way of Life ApS

For those who want a habit tracking app with flexible reminders and custom messages.

Way of Life is the ultimate habit-building app. You get to try the app out for free. For $3.99 you can unlock it to add an unlimited number of items (up from a limit of three). Simply add items to your “journal” and every day the app will ask you “yes” or “no.” Local notifications are used to remind you. Some items like “late night snacks” are bad habits and for those it is better to mark no. You can also set up personalized entries that you mark whether yes or no is good. By creating this journal you can really focus in on what you need to work on. The trend tab allows you to see a graph of how you are doing. The setup guide is very helpful in getting up and running. Way of Life is an essential app for anyone struggling getting on the right track.

Good Habits
Good Habits

Good Habits

Good To Hear

Develop skills and keep your new year's resolutions by doing a little every day

Develop skills and keep your new year's resolutions by doing a little every day. Get into the habit and don't break the chain! This app is based on Jerry Seinfeld's advice and makes it easy to keep track of your daily habits, with reminders so you never forget what you have to do.

- Multiple habit chains
- Set a 'time to...

Also Good

Apps with average score



Rally Health, Inc.

**Please note: The Rally® app is available only to eligible Rally members. Check with your benefits manager to see if Rally is available to you.**

The Rally app for iPhone lets you take your health on the go in one convenient mobile experience. Depending upon your employer benefits, you can:

Register and...




** Featured by Apple in the "What's Hot" and "New and Noteworthy" section of the iTunes App Store.

"HabitMaster is the fourth habit tracking software I have tried, and the only one I will continue to use. Its ease-of-use, backtracking and solidity make it a winner."
- LJ Earnest, Simple Productivity Blog


Focus Habits. Streaks Progress
Focus Habits. Streaks Progress
Focus Habits. Streaks Progress

Focus Habits. Streaks Progress


Focus Habits is a free, unlimited, simple but powerful habit tracker that helps you to form positive habits with ease. Set personal goals, track your progress and make every day your best day. Achieve your personal best.

Are you looking to do regular meditation, do a daily workout, learn a new...

Daisy - Create & Break Habits
Daisy - Create & Break Habits
Daisy - Create & Break Habits

Daisy - Create & Break Habits

Shapeless AB

Daisy helps you create good habits effectively, using established psychology, to improve yourself. Schedule any type of repeating task that you want to turn into a new habit. Use Daisy to form new habits while tracking your progress and analyzing your habit formation goals.

+ Established around the latest research on...


Better yourself one step at a time by building good habits



Anthony Dito

Developing better habits doesn't have to be so difficult, especially with the help of this app.

Trilogy Game
Trilogy Game
Trilogy Game

Trilogy Game

Skylab Apps

The Trilogy Game: Makes creating healthy habits fun

Join our community of like-minded people all on a journey to create Optimal Health and Well Being. The Trilogy represents the 3 key areas of optimal health; healthy body, healthy mind and healthy finances. This app along with the support of a certified...

Habit Buddy
Habit Buddy
Habit Buddy

Habit Buddy

Appidemic Studios

Habit Buddy is a powerful app that will help you build good habits or break bad ones. Updates with more features will be coming soon!

• Simple checklist screen that shows what you need to do today and what you could do today if you have time
• Stay motivated by a...

Daylist - Build Good Habits, Track Your Progress
Daylist - Build Good Habits, Track Your Progress
Daylist - Build Good Habits, Track Your Progress

Daylist - Build Good Habits, Track Your Progress

CYT International

Build good habits, track your progress. Daylist is a powerful, beautiful and intuitive app that keeps track of your daily tasks. Get healthy, get productive, get better at something; whatever it may be, Daylist can help keep you motivated to accomplish your goals.


Detailed Statistics — Track your current and...

Habits and Routines
Habits and Routines
Habits and Routines

Habits and Routines


Habits and Routines helps you forming new habits. It's based on latest research to make those daily habits finally stick.

Habit Coach is simple, clean and keeps you focused on what's important.

● Start tracking your habits with minimal setup.
● Stay focused on your key habits.
● Make it more...

Resolutionary - Habit Tracker
Resolutionary - Habit Tracker
Resolutionary - Habit Tracker

Resolutionary - Habit Tracker

Gian Defilla


plan and track
your resolutions

Resolutionary is an easy-to-use app to plan and track resolutions, good habits or life goals.


Create a resolution, for example:

- Practice playing guitar (3 times a week)
- Surprise your boyfriend (once a month)
- Eat an apple (1 a day) -> keeps the doctor away :-)
- Learn...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Keystone – create good habits now

Keystone – create good habits now

Eduardo Ribeiro

Keystone helps you build good habits and break bad ones. Find motivation by extending your streak and progressing to the next level.

It's very simple: you are your only opponent and the challenge is to earn all trophies for each habit. Extend you streak until you reach level 3. That means a strong, nearly unbreakable habit.

Start improving your quality of life with just a few seconds a day.

*** Features

– Fast: manage your day with just a few seconds
– Fun: earn rewards as build stronger habits. Bronze, 20 times. Silver, 40 times. Gold, 60 times.
– Streaks: get motivated by extending your streak.
– Focus: view only the habits due today.
– Reminders and badges: never forget when your habit is due.
– Flexible: choose the days of the week.
– Suggestions: our selection of habits to get you started.
– Unlimited: create as many habits as you need.
– iCloud Sync: never lose your data again.

* All your activities are private. Nobody besides you have access to your data.

Have suggestions or need support? Feel free to email me: [email protected]

Purp To-Do List & Goal Tracker

Purp To-Do List & Goal Tracker

Pepzen Ltd.

Whatever your goals are—finishing projects, managing daily tasks, checking off work to-do’s, learning a language, mastering a skill, keeping up a fitness regimen or traveling to new places—Purp will help you compile, organize, track and finally reach your goals. Purp shows you the tasks you have to complete each day in order to reach your goals effectively and on time.
Our motto: Live your purpose!
Set a goal, create a plan and get started:

- See a customized list of tasks you need to complete in order to reach your goals!
Goal management
- Add medium-term or daily goals with deadlines, categories and task lists
- Organize and prioritize goals and track your progress
- Duplicate goals for easy re-creation, or archive them when you’re finished
- View graphs and statistics about your progress, time remaining, tasks remaining and activity over time
- Filter goals by category
Task management
- Create, edit and duplicate tasks
- Time your tasks with the timer function, and pause and resume time as you work
- Use the awake function to keep your screen on while the timer is running
- See how much time you’ve lost or saved on each task
- Set sound alarms to remind you when time is up
- Organize and prioritize tasks as to do or done


- Create a Routine for repeating tasks for specific days,
- Purp will automatically add these to your to-do list in Brain and to your selected goal if you define it.


- Overview each of your projects and goals at the same time on a quarter-based timeline
- Organized by Brain to reach your goals in time
- Select a line to see the tasks of that Goal, select a date to see tasks of that date.
Category management
- Select or create categories for your goals
- Organize and prioritize categories for easier filtering
- Motivate yourself to achieve more goals
- Earn awards after successfully completing tasks and goals
- View statistics on your overall progress
- See how many goals, tasks and hours you’ve completed with helpful graphs
- See which categories you’ve completed goals in
- Turn the device to landscape mode for fullscreen activity data
- Universal app works on all iPhone and iPad devices
- CloudKit solution synchronizes your goals and tasks between your devices

! Synchronization is temporarily unavailable because of stability issues. Expected to be available in version 3.1. in December/January.

Import / Export data - Clean App

- Save your whole Database, and import on another device.
- Clean the whole Database, start from scratch.
- Available under ‘Help and Settings’ menu.

Our life is full of challenges. Often we have to improve ourselves. We have to learn, to obtain new skills, to strengthen our body, to cope with daily problems or get new experiences. We set goals in order to make better our personal life, to change and enhance things surrounding us. From small goals to big ones, each has a common point: we strive to achieve them. Purp makes it easy.

We continuously work on the Brain function to make it smarter, more accurate and more fluid. Our goal is to develop a deep-learning Brain that better understands your environment, circumstances, ​and lifestyle in order to boost your productivity to an extremely high level.

Purp is free to download and use. Purp Pro upgrades your experience and gives you unlimited access to create goals and categories, and use Purp without any further restrictions.

Our Terms and Conditions:
Our Privacy Policy:

Habits: Track your habits

Habits: Track your habits

Full Network, S.L.

Habits allows you, in an easy and visual way, to track your habits, set some goals and check if you achieve them.

Our system will keep you motivated and will help you to get good habits and stop bad habits.

Main characteristics:
- Allows good and bad habits.
- You can log if you have done it or not, and optionally how many times per day.
- Daily and weekly goals.
- Track today’s and this week information on a single screen.
- Colours that show if you achieve your goals.

And also:
- It allows to archive non active habits.
- Data stored in the device, doesn’t require connection and works on airplane mode.
- Export data to e-mail as a CSV file.
- Possibility of establish a daily reminder.
- Blocking option by Touch ID / Face ID and passcode.
- Support for Dark Mode in iOS 13.
- Totally free, without limits.
- No advertisement.
- We don’t store, nor process your data.

Habits - Develop Healthy Habits By Tracking Your Daily Task and Chores

Habits - Develop Healthy Habits By Tracking Your Daily Task and Chores

ST Studios

Habits is a simple and effective way of helping you build positive and healthy habits into your life, while breaking your bad habits.

Habits provides a simple and elegant solution for keeping track of the habits you are establishing into your lifestyle.

Each habit is shown on your Today screen and you simply tap the item when you have completed the habit for today.

Keep track of your habits over time with the calendar view. This allows you to view the complete history of each habit to see exactly how you are doing.

If you have any suggestions of how Habits can be made even better, we would love to hear your ideas. Please visit to get in touch.

Habit - change your habits by tracking and hitting your goals

Habit - change your habits by tracking and hitting your goals

Ross Beale

Habit - change your habits by tracking and hitting your goals.

** Free for a limited time only **

- Change your life and take control, simply set up a goal and Habit will ask you if you achieved your goal, when the time is right.
- Want to run everyday? Want to drink less fizzy drinks every weekend? Simply type in your activity and frequency, and Habit takes care of the rest. Habit supports daily, weekly, monthly time-scales and many variants too (please see below).
- Get notified - Habit will ping you when relevant, simply swipe right and answer straight from the notification.
- Be informed - Habit tracks your progress and sums it up with a simple percentage. Aim for green by fulfilling yours goals on the relevant days.
- Completely personal and confidential, everything is yours and only yours.

Habit supports a number of frequencies (but variants are supported too). These include:

- everyday.
- every other day.
- every named day (for example, Blue Tuesdays).
- every weekday.
- every weekend.
- every week.
- every other week.
- every month.
- every other month.

I built Habit for myself and thought I’d share it. If you have any ideas or feedback, please let me know: [email protected]


Habit Builder - Positive Habits

Habit Builder - Positive Habits

TechBase LLC

Habit Builder allows you to easily create positive habits and then track your progress on those goals.


Keeping track of the positive habits you want in your life has never been easier!

There are bad habits and then there are good habits, with Habit Builder you can quickly and easily create the positive habits you want to add to your life.

- Help Yourself Create The Habits In Your Life That You Need to Succeed! -

MindSet: The Good Habit App™

MindSet: The Good Habit App™

Oregon Center for Applied Science

MindSet: The Good Habit App™ has everything you need to create good habits for a good life. Our scientific, habit-boosting techniques make it easy to start small, try different things, and make the ones that work automatic, so they last. As your good habits become second nature, MindSet guides you to the next level, so you're always getting closer to your goal. Whether you're keeping tabs on your weight, steps, miles, minutes, mood, meditation, or sleep, MindSet has you covered. As Aristotle famously proclaimed, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

This app is only available to registered users of MindSet, offered exclusively through health plans and employers. Register using the MindSet web application, then download the app to receive reminders to help stay on track while your habits grow. See your employer for details.