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Blast Or Slash Your Way Through These Platformers

The platformer genre was initially created by the likes of Mario, Sonic, Metroid, and Mega Man. This sub genre is for the latter two games with platformer adventures that include combat along the way. You will shoot or slash your way through enemies within the familiar style of platformer levels. These games emphasize combat during the running and jumping.

Shadow Blade: Reload
Sapiens The Ape

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Fun run-and-gun action
Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers

Lost Socks

Power Place Publishing LP

A crazy and awesome run-and-gun game.

Your sock brother has gone missing and it's your job to find out where he is and rescue him. Run and gun your way through baddies, jump and collect buttons for better weapons and upgrades, and take down the boss before yo're both able to go back home. It's just another day for sock-kind.

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Shadow Blade: Reload
Shadow Blade: Reload
Shadow Blade: Reload

Shadow Blade: Reload

Crescent Moon Games

Shadow Blade is an action-platformer set in a visually striking world where the ancient teachings of ninjas and samurai clash upon a modern landscape. Sprint through stages littered with traps, slaying enemies along your path without hesitation as Kuro, the blade of shadow!


Darkness and chaos are once again creeping into...

Goblin Sword
Goblin Sword
Goblin Sword

Goblin Sword

Gelato Games Ltd

Goblin Sword is a retro-inspired action platformer with light rpg elements.

An army of monsters led by an evil wizard have invaded your hometown. Slay as many monsters as you can, collect loot, avoid dangerous traps and defeat menacing bosses, before facing the evil wizard himself.

“It's such a crazy value and...

Venture Kid
Venture Kid
Venture Kid

Venture Kid

FDG Mobile Games GbR

Take a trip down memory lane!

Venture Kid is a lovingly crafted 8-bit retro action platformer that goes beyond just pixels and chiptunes. It shines with excellent level design, highly entertaining action levels, responsive controls and a great variety of bosses.

Your Mission:
The evil Dr. Teklov is about to build...

Challenging levels


Pascal Bestebroer

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About the game

Meganoid is a challenging platformer, generating new levels on every play session. Find many items to enhance your character and his abilities while you descend down into the Meganoid space ship. Do you rush for...

Chop Chop Ninja
Chop Chop Ninja
Chop Chop Ninja

Chop Chop Ninja


Over 5 million downloads!
#1 downloaded adventure game in over 40 countries!
Chop Chop Ninja will have its own TV animated series in 2014!

“A very nice beat ‘em up platformer” –Touch Arcade
“Cool action platformer with cute and bright presentation” –TouchGen
“Hand this game to your kid brother, your mom...

Shadow Bug Rush
Shadow Bug Rush
Shadow Bug Rush

Shadow Bug Rush

Muro Studios Ltd.

Shadow Bug is back as slick as ever. Shadow Bug Rush offers endless levels of slicing monsters to pieces! The game’s familiar one-finger-controls take platformer gaming to a new level.

Upgrade the game’s worlds by unlocking new monsters and traps. Climb the leaderboards. Collect loot, power ups and characters as you...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Sapiens The Ape

Sapiens The Ape

sergio paolantonio

A Run'n'Guns journey in a visually stunning world infested by horrible creatures.
Sapiens the Ape is a MetroidVania action game with awesome controls, stunning visuals, and innovative gameplay. If you love platform games, with worlds infested by horrible creatures, memorable backgrounds, powerful music and giant end monsters… Sapiens the ape is for you!

Sapiens the Ape begins with a pilot finds himself in a world turned upside down after landing on a strange planet...

Sapiens the Ape for iOS has absolutely everything. There's iPhone unique adaptive touch controls, an actual storyline, and wonderful 2D/3D rendered backgrounds.
Every level is uniquely designed, with gameplay inspired by classics such as Metroid, Castelvania, Rayman, Ori and the blind forest, Contra, Metal Slug and Rayman.
On top of the amazing game-play there are beautiful 2D/3D rendered visuals, soundtrack, and an adaptive touch control that makes the character easy to control using touch.
There's no better reward than to complete all the levels in time, collecting all the energy cells, and killing all the monsters on the way!.




Play a piece of gaming history with the original Mega Man, the action-packed classic platformer!

In the year 200X, six robots created by master roboticist Dr. Light are tampered with by the evil genius Dr. Wily, and go on a destructive rampage!
Only one robot remains who can put a stop to Wily’s plans and restore world peace: the heroic Mega Man.

・The gameplay and difficulty of this version have been optimized for smartphones,
so certain elements will differ from the original game.

◆What is Mega Man?

The original Mega Man captivated users at the time of its release
with its challenging gameplay and innovative concept of taking
the weapons from your enemies, then using them to exploit weaknesses in the bad guys yet to come.

This version features a choice of two difficulty modes.

・Normal Mode
Unlimited continues.
The continue screen is displayed whenever Mega Man dies.
Selecting continue allows you to restart from the last
checkpoint you passed in the current stage.

・Hard Mode
This challenging mode limits your number of continues,
and enemy attacks deal more damage.
There are also fewer checkpoints within stages.

The following settings can be adjusted in-game.

Increase the number to raise the volume.

Set to "On" to have your device vibrate when Mega Man takes damage.
(Default setting: On)
Note: This option will not be displayed on devices with no vibration function.

Auto: Hold the attack button for rapid-fire Mega Buster shots.
Manual: Each press of the attack button fires one Mega Buster shot.
Tap repeatedly for rapid-fire shots.
(Default setting: Auto)

Choose between Normal and High to adjust gameplay speed.

・Key Config
Change position of the in-game attack button and jump button.

◆Gameplay Tips
Search Elec Man’s stage for the Magnet Beam, which lets you place platforms wherever you like!

To access the Magnet Beam, you’ll need to defeat Guts Man and get his weapon, or defeat Elec Man and play through the stage again with his weapon.

Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Than Undead

Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Than Undead


148apps: "For fans of the side-scrolling shoot-em-up, Apocalypse Max delivers quite a lot in a fairly compact package. Requiring a fair amount of concentration, but never overly harsh, it wants you to be a survivor and will equip you with the appropriate weapon to do so." TheVerge: "With the zombie shooter, Wandake Game Studios reminds us why we love killing undead, by doing what everyone else has done. Just better." TouchArcade: "We're digging Max. The production elements are off the wall good, which helps. But more importantly, we're clicking with its action. Solid pacing keeps you moving, while sharp level design keeps introducing interesting choices." PocketGamer: "Enter the no-nonsense star of Wandake's new blood splattered side-scroller Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Than Undead. He's got guns. He's got knives. He's called Max." Modojo: "When it comes to iPhone and iPad, 2D graphics don't get much better than Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Than Undead, a side-scrolling zombie shooter from Wandake Studios." The iPhone App Review: "The overall graphics and images of Apocalypse Max are pretty stellar. Animation is also spot on." Apptudes: "“…Max is an high quality action title for any iPhone or iPad user looking for some run and gun gameplay.” Overrun by a mysterious strain of mutant zombies, Hellthroat Island has never been more in need of a real hero. You, Apocalypse Max, are the lone survivor of this zombie apocalypse. Journey through 20 levels of heart-thumping, adrenaline-pumping action spread out over 9 perilous worlds! Master in-air maneuvers as you find your way around precarious platforms. Discover secret treasures and collect gold as you overcome more than 16 wacky types of zombies. Unlock over 18 insane weapons and find crazy ways to blast past your enemies. Don't like guns? Wanna get up close and personal? No problem! Rip apart your foes with your oversized, battle-hardy combat knife. For the first time ever on iOS, Wandake Studios present to you the re-invention of the classic retro platforming experience. Apocalypse Max combines timeless zombie slaying fun with free roaming, acrobatic platforming awesomeness to create an action packed, hack-n-slash, shoot-em-up adventure like the world has never seen before! Engage in the epic and timeless battle of man against zombie in this fast action, 2D adventure with Apocalypse Max! FEATURES VAST WORLDS-- Explore rich and deep content. Lead Max through 20 unique levels across 9 distinct regions for hours of gaming entertainment. UNIQUE HAND-DRAWN ARTWORK-- See beautifully designed and stylized 2D artwork within each level of the game, along with fast and lively animations. WIDE ARRAY OF ENEMIES-- Test your hand-to-hand combat skills with a variety of enemies, and eliminate 16 different and creepy zombie types  ADVANCED WEAPONRY-- Select from a variety of over 20 different types of weapons and ammo that you can use to slice, shoot, and blow up zombies.

UNIVERSAL APP-- Enjoy on your iPod, iPhone or iPad! OFFICIAL TRAILER-- CONTACT WANDAKE STUDIOS-- Twitter: @wandakegames Facebook: Web: Email: [email protected] We hope you enjoy our latest game! Please rate Apocalypse Max.