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Restaurant Reviews From Critics

These apps are for those that want to know what critics think of their restaurant choice. They have the knowledge to make your dinning experience it's best.

Urbanspoon - Restaurant & Food Reviews


Gormey, LLC

Gormey delivers the hottest restaurant news and guides from your favorite publications in one place. It lists only the places recommended by the professional critics and writers who brought you those stories to promise credibility and quality. Available in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Seattle. More worldwide cities!

Tired of asking your foodie friend for recommendations? Overwhelmed with a flood of dining guides, blog articles, and restaurant awards? Losing faith in questionable reviews and ratings on apps that also get paid by listed businesses? Gormey is here to solve that.

Gormey promises the most credible and objective list of top local restaurants in the city by aggregating only the restaurants acclaimed by renowned food critics and writers. We go and see a doctor when we are sick. We go and get our car fixed by a mechanic. Why not rely on professionals to recommend best places to eat? That doesn't mean only the most expensive places in the city. Gormey has you covered with everything from local casual burger joints and dive bars to celebrity chef-owned multi-course gourmet restaurants and craft cocktail bars. Now you can enjoy your dining journey the way you’ve never had before. Bon appetit!

- *It's time for you to awaken the food critic in you. Chat with other foodies by rating and leaving a comment now!
- Curated list of the hottest news, reviews, and guides from popular and acclaimed publications
- Share the story with your family and friend through your favorite channel
- See the list and map of only the restaurants and bars mentioned in each article
- Discover only the restaurants published by professional food critics and writers (It's their job to eat and share their experiences. Let's give them more credit.)
- Find out which of the most popular credible dining guides and local publications including the MICHELIN Guide, Zagat, and Eater featured each restaurant
- Bookmark restaurants you must try and approve restaurants you’ve been to
- Keep track of all of your bookmarked and approved restaurants in one place
- Discover must-try menu items that food critics rave about
- Quickly get a glance of what a restaurant is about based on tags
- Make reservations using OpenTable or call restaurants directly
- Search for restaurants in the most popular cities or nearby you
- Share your favorite restaurants with friends and family
- Join our fast-growing community of food enthusiasts and declare yourself as an expert of your favorite cuisine