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Next for iPhone

Next for iPhone

noidentity gmbh

If you prefer a minimalistic finance tracker

Next for iPhone is a simple and clean app that makes it easy to manually record where your money has gone.

Money - Track easily
Money - Track easily

Money - Track easily

Qi Wang

The Money app is a simple iPhone app that helps you to keep your daily expense and or income tracked

The Money app is a simple iPhone app that helps you to keep your daily expense and or income tracked. The whole app contains only one single view and you can manage your personal finance with tap and swipe gestures. In this main view it shows sum of your expense and income, as long as a progress bar to indicate...

Spending Tracker
Spending Tracker

Spending Tracker

MH Riley Ltd

Spending Tracker is the easiest and most user friendly Personal Finance App in the store

Spending Tracker is the easiest and most user friendly Personal Finance App in the store. And best of all, it's free!

The simple fact is, by tracking your spending you will be able to stick to a budget and therefore SAVE MONEY.

So give it a try and have instant control over your spending!

*** Features ***
√ Simple and intuitive...

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Wallet - Daily Budget & Profit
Wallet - Daily Budget & Profit
Wallet - Daily Budget & Profit

Wallet - Daily Budget & Profit

BudgetBakers s.r.o.

Wallet helps you flexibly plan your budget and track spending, so you stay in control and achieve your future goals. Actively plan and manage your finances, across multiple currencies, banks, and financial institutions. Get and keep full control of your finances.

Wallet is constantly developing its design and functionalities. We...

Income & Expense Tracker Zeny
Income & Expense Tracker Zeny
Income & Expense Tracker Zeny

Income & Expense Tracker Zeny

Umemoto Non

Zeny is a free simple finance manager.
You can make an entry very fast with a few taps and keep tracking your home budget easily.

●Entering is Super Quick
Zeny is designed so that you can make your business entries super quick even with one hand. It comes with great functions, but no...

Money Manager: Expense Tracker
Money Manager: Expense Tracker
Money Manager: Expense Tracker

Money Manager: Expense Tracker

Parth Pandya

We care your daily budget !!! Stop worrying about Money management, Start Spending !!! This app tracks daily/monthly expenses and incomes.

Simple to use with all necessary features added this application will help you to manage all expense - Great Money Management Tool !


- App is available in English, French,...

Easy Spending -Expense Tracker
Easy Spending -Expense Tracker
Easy Spending -Expense Tracker

Easy Spending -Expense Tracker

Tekton Technologies (P) Ltd.

Over a million users agree that Easy Spending is the best way to take control of where the money goes and effectively build wealth using the simple and yet powerful money management App.

Its a simple and convenient finance tracker that provides the most powerful and convenient daily money management for...

Trail Wallet Travel Budget App
Trail Wallet Travel Budget App
Trail Wallet Travel Budget App

Trail Wallet Travel Budget App

Simon Fairbairn


Trail Wallet is free for the first 25 items, with an In App Purchase available to unlock unlimited amounts.

**Featured in the App Store. Over 150,000 downloads!**

**Also featured in Forbes, The Telegraph, the New York Times, Lonely Planet, the LA Times, The Huffington Post, Qantas Magazine, SmarterTravel, Y...

CWMoney Pro - Expense Tracker
CWMoney Pro - Expense Tracker
CWMoney Pro - Expense Tracker

CWMoney Pro - Expense Tracker


All new interface of CWMoney2.92!!!

※※※※ Special Sale: USD:1.99 (org:$9.99) for a Limited Time!
※※※ As Featured in the App Store “Finance catalog #1” Export,Account,Catalog,Income PieChart/BarChart set Priority,Daily BarChart..
※※Over 5,000,000 Users,CWMoney is the best Finance Management Software of Mobile, it's easy to record daily expense,income money, if you feel this APP...

Zenmoney: spending tracker
Zenmoney: spending tracker
Zenmoney: spending tracker

Zenmoney: spending tracker

Anton Fedosin

We live in a world of consumers: everyone is after our wallet. Yet we’re not always able to evaluate the way our financial decisions influence our future life.

Zenmoney will give you a feeling of security and confidence in your judgment abilities. We will help you make the decisions that...



Tsu Yuan Hsueh

MOZE is a personal accounting app, which has beautiful interface and intuitive operations to help you cultivate the habit of saving money.


Create the corresponding accounts with your existing properties. Each account is able to configure the start day and payment day separately, also supports money transferring.


mExpense - Spending Tracker
mExpense - Spending Tracker
mExpense - Spending Tracker

mExpense - Spending Tracker

ViPrak Web Solutions

"It's superb app to manage expenses. Having great features required for all common person."

"I love this app, it's so easy to use and it has all features needed, and I love that I can manage it myself the way I want and add categories I need. Just perfect"

Do you...



FYI Mobileware, Inc.

iXpenseIt simplifies daily expense tracking and monthly budgeting. With iXpenseIt, it's never been easier to stay current on your personal budget or for business users, to get faster reimbursements. Store photo receipts is a snap. Enter expense data anywhere, anytime within seconds. Powerful reporting provides insight to where your money...

Pocket Expense Pro
Pocket Expense Pro
Pocket Expense Pro

Pocket Expense Pro


Pocket Expense is a full-featured finance software that you can carry in your pocket. It is a powerful and easy to use program that will help you track and understand your personal finance.

Pocket Expense brings all your financial accounts together, categorizes your transactions, tracks all your bills, lets you set...



Silverware Software, LLC

Save time & money! Track your MILEAGE and EXPENSES with the most powerful expense app available! A comprehensive, full featured app that's easy to use and extends to your desktop. XpenseTracker has been a customer favorite on the App Store since 2008.

*March 2017- "BEST FINANCE APP"

*XpenseTracker named "must have...

Savings 1
Savings 1
Savings 1

Savings 1

Savings LLC

** This is an old version of Savings. Savings 2 is now available on the App Store. Search "Savings 2" on App Store to get it instead. **

Savings is a simple and elegant personal finance app designed for your iPhone (and Mac, sold separately). It has everything you need to...

iSpending - Expense Tracker
iSpending - Expense Tracker
iSpending - Expense Tracker

iSpending - Expense Tracker

Hana Mobile

If you are looking for the best personal finance application, this is the app for you and it's free! Millions of downloads cannot be wrong! Designed for iPhoneX!

iSpending helps you to track your income and spendings. You can add transactions under different categories, such as income, food, entertainment. Summaries for...

Money Manager Pro Lite
Money Manager Pro Lite
Money Manager Pro Lite

Money Manager Pro Lite


We provide two version for iOS (Money Manager Next, Money Manager Pro).
Next version (Red Icon) is the later version which offers, even more, functionalities than Pro version (Brown Icon).
That is why we recommend using Next version.
Pro version is also good.

“Money Manager Pro” is an optimized application for personal asset management....

Balance Guide
Balance Guide
Balance Guide

Balance Guide

Mindwarp Consultancy Ltd


A guide to your account balance, simple to use and not aimed at accountants. Makes it easy to plan a budget and see the status of your account with upcoming bills and see where your money is going.

With Balance Guide you can quickly...

Evo Wallet - Money Tracker
Evo Wallet - Money Tracker
Evo Wallet - Money Tracker

Evo Wallet - Money Tracker

Prakit Kunakronpalang

"Evo Wallet", the personal finance application for iPhone/iPad and iPod touch designed to help for keep track of the balances of all of your money accounts on the go and extremely easy to use.

The app's user interface is sleek, intuitive, and easy to use with built with mini cash...

DB Classic - Smart Personal Finance Calendar
DB Classic - Smart Personal Finance Calendar
DB Classic - Smart Personal Finance Calendar

DB Classic - Smart Personal Finance Calendar

Dollarbird SRL

This is the legacy, offline-only version of the Dollarbird finance management tool. You can find the new cloud based version as ‘Dollarbird’ in the App Store.


Featured in The Next Web, TechCrunch, Mashable, Lifehacker, The Guardian, Dollarbird Classic enables you to track and forecast your money as easily as adding events...

Money Manager Pro (PC Editing)
Money Manager Pro (PC Editing)
Money Manager Pro (PC Editing)

Money Manager Pro (PC Editing)


We provide two version for iOS (Money Manager Next, Money Manager Pro).
Next version (Blue Icon) is the later version which offers, even more, functionalities than Pro version (Brown Icon).
That is why we recommend using Next version.
Pro version is also good.

“Money Manager” is an optimized application for personal asset management.




MoneySmart Inc.

This expense tracker has an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly enter and categorize debits and credits. It’s for anyone left wondering where their money has gone.

Income OK - income & expenses
Income OK - income & expenses
Income OK - income & expenses

Income OK - income & expenses


Income OK - the fastest way to track your income and expenses.

The features of the app:

- expenses
- income
- the handy widget
- subcategories
- pie diagram
- synchronization
- password
- Touch ID & Face ID
- export to CSV
- backups

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Expense Manager, Money Tracker

Expense Manager, Money Tracker

Alin Sorin Cuc

Money management is always complicated and most of the time you get to wonder where did all your money go and what are you spending all your savings on. In order to answer those questions we've created a very simple to use expense manager application that focuses on quality, simplicity and user friendliness.
Your financial wellness depends very much on how well organized you are with your spendings but it also helps if you are keeping an eye close to your incomes and family budget.

Manage your money, track your expenses and organize your savings with ease by taking advantage of some of the great features that this application provide:

Key features:

- easy to use, clean and intuitive expense & income tracker
- main screen calendar with quick month overview on expenses and incomes
- interactive charts - useful for analysis on your spending
- integrated calculator - do all the math you want without leaving the application
- add image functionality - attach receipts or images with purchased products - helps you better identify your spendings
- quick main screen overview on incomes, expenses and account balance
- charts section with custom time reports - monitor and compare
- custom reminders for recurrent payments / transactions
- customizable list with available expense and income categories
- category view - view your transactions grouped by categories
- PIN code protection
- world currencies - over 100 available currencies
- currency format - decimal separator
- customizable first day of week (Monday or Sunday)
- data reset functionality

Either your are a student who wants to keep a better track of his money, or a person that is responsible with organizing and managing the family budget, this application should be the tool that provides better insights and enables you to improve your financial life.

Best of luck!

Money Planner Pro - personal finance, account tracker, budget planner

Money Planner Pro - personal finance, account tracker, budget planner

Vadim Gladkih

Money Planner Pro is your new virtual assistant, which will greatly facilitate your home accounting.
With this application, you can get an instant overview of your income and expenses on the go, build visual charts, make notes in the integrated calendar, set reminders, use the calculator to work out costs, and much more.

Manage your finances on the go!

Key benefits:
• Get an overview of your income and expenses in just two clicks
• Geolocation and built-in map will show you exactly where you spent your money
• Add picture notes or photos of receipts to new records
• Browse the history of expenses and income presented in the form of visual infographics
• For maximum ease of writing, use the keyboard calculator
• Use the filter to search for expenses and income
• Reminders will not let you forget to record your income and expenses on time

You also will be able to:
• Browse the history of your expenses and income
• Keep track of the balance for each account
• Add multi-currency wallets
• Completely change your categories
• Protect your personal data with a password
• Create the reports as quickly and easily as possible

MoneyPlanner Pro Features:
• Simple and intuitive interface
• Control with gestures
• Fast operation
• Support for more than 100 currencies
• Reminders
• Support for iOS 9
• Backup/Restore Data

We are looking forward to your suggestions and comments, which will to help us to make the application even better and more convenient for you.

Email: [email protected]

If you enjoy MoneyPlanner Pro, please rate our app. Thanks!

Live Expenses

Live Expenses

Bonazzi S.r.l. con Socio unico

Easy, fast and intuitive application for iPhone / iPod touch and iPad to track your expenses.

- You are far from your company and you want to track your expenses ... or simply inform your company how are you spending the money... you can email you receips… so you don’t have to wait your return to deliver them. With LIVE EXPENSES you can do it!
- You want to manage a budget and keep track of all the flows (day by day or month by month). With LIVE EXPENSES you can do it!
- You want to manage inputs and outputs for each Project and store the documents of each operation. With LIVE EXPENSES you can do it!

Using a simple “user interface” you can add your inputs (for ex. your expense budget) and outputs (hotels, restaurants, car rental, etc. ...).

Each movement (in or out) can be related to:
- A project: you can create new projects to connect with your inputs and outputs;
- A picture of your receipt / invoice / bill / document. In this way, the company will have a printout while the are waiting you deliver the original document;
- A currency: use foreign currencies and the exchange rates;
- A type of expense/income: you can specify the type of input or output, such as restaurant, taxi, train, plane, etc...;
- A type of payment: such as cash, credit cards, etc...;

And finally, email eveything in HTML format and/or CSV (Microsoft Excel © compatible and all common spreadsheets) with all the pictures(documents) taken attached to your email.

Easy, fast and intuitive... With LIVE EXPENSES you can do it!

Expense manager - Money tracker

Expense manager - Money tracker

Larisa Maria Berce

Application that helps you manage and track your daily expenses.

Designed to be simple and intuitive, this expense tracker app will help you manage, report and always be aware of what is happening in your own wallet. A great budget manager tool for everyone who is concerned about their spending.
Closely manage your expenses with ease & take advantage of custom reminders so that you will never be late with your monthly bills.

Key features:

- intuitive navigation with summarized expense, income & balance charts
- financial calendar - monthly expense & income distribution at a glance - track and manage your every day expenses
- customizable expense and income categories - make them best fit your financial life
- integrated calculator - great when you have multiple transactions that need to be summed up
- reminders - daily, weekly and monthly - a great help for repeating/recurrent payments.
- summarized expense, income and balance charts grouped by week, month, year or even custom time range
- category grouped reports
- PIN code protection - secure and reliable you can rest assure that your data is safe from prying eyes
- data backup & restore
- multiple currencies available - choose your preferred currency/money
- adjustable currency/money display format
- possibility to choose the first day of week (Monday or Sunday)
- data reset functionality

You don't have to stop spending, you just have to track, understand and make future smart decisions.
Enjoy it!

Find out more & follow us on:

Fly Cash - Expense Tracking

Fly Cash - Expense Tracking

Roanuz Softwares Private Limited

FlyCash is an expense tracking application. Its as easy as chatting. Expense tracking never been easier as this. Give simple text about your expenses, Fly Cash App understands the context and convert them into expense and report. Group your expense by hashtags or emojis.

You say "Family Day out. Dad's dress 320. Coffee 10. Dinner 120. #Taxi 30$" - app understand it as four different expense lines and sum them together.

# Listed on Top 10 apps of the day on Product Hunt

• Report - Monthly report based on Emojis and #HashTags
• Topics - Create different topics to track and report expenses. For e.g. Anniversary, Work, Family
• Multiple tags - Add multiple emojis or tags for each expense line. For e.g. "Green team morning 10$ at Costa #health #refresh"
• Todays Widgets - Report of tags or topics on today's widget
• Challenge - Set a challenge on tags (for example #healthy) expenses and track it
• Chart View - See your expense in chart view

We're always excited to hear from you! If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:
[email protected]

or follow us on twitter:



Eighteen Degrees

CashWise is an easy to use cash-book style app, designed to help you look after your money with minimal fuss. Simply record what you spend when you spend it, and CashWise will keep track of how much money you have left. Keep track of the cash in your pocket, your savings or your debt, in any currency.

Get super-organised by arranging your finances into categories, then view or print them with summary totals and pie charts.

A detailed breakdown lets you quickly see what you have spent money on. And with a quick search you can view and change any transaction.

View and send monthly PDF statements by email, or upgrade to CashWise Pro (via an in-app purchase) to produce annual statements and print directly to an AirPrint enabled printer.

Export all your financial information whenever you want, or Go Pro for the ability to export your data on a monthly or annual basis and import data from CSV files.

Your financial details are kept safe in an encrypted vault using state of the art 256-bit AES encryption, simply set a passcode to restrict access.

CashWise is a free app, and all the basic features will remain free forever - that is a promise.

Go Pro and you can unlock all the Pro features with a single in-app purchase to:
• Manage your money across several accounts at once (one account is included free).
• Create recurring transactions.
• Completely customise your categories (built-in categories are included free).
• View an annual breakdown of your transactions (monthly breakdown is included free).
• Export your financial data on a monthly or annual basis (full export is included free).
• Import data from CSV files.
• Produce annual PDF statements (monthly statements are included free)
• Print a statement direct to an AirPrint enabled printer (emailing statements is included free)
• Turn off adverts.

Try all the Pro features for free before you upgrade by using the built-in 'demonstration mode'. This also lets you show off CashWise to others without revealing your finances.

If you need help or want to make a suggestion, just drop us an email and we'll do our best —

Thanks for choosing CashWise.

Finances - Money Tracker

Finances - Money Tracker

Marco Corti

Finances is a simple yet thorough and elegant money tracking app featuring intuitive gesture-driven actions and detailed statistics to monitor your income and expenses.

Try Finances by adding your first 150 transactions for free, than pay a small one-time fee and keep using it forever.

Add your transactions with intuitive drag gestures and keep an eye on your monthly income, expenses and balance in a clear, catch-all monthly summary.

The keypad is smart enough to let you input transaction amounts faster then taking a photo.

Not happy with the default categories? You can add, remove and edit categories at will.

Monitor your expenses, income and profits in monthly, yearly or all-years time frames.
Get a detailed, by-category breakdown of your income and expenses in a specific time frame.

Add as many accounts as you like to organise your transactions and stats.

Finances is fully optimised for VoiceOver users.

Expense Tracker & Manager

Expense Tracker & Manager

Alin Sorin Cuc

Expense tracker - Money management made simple.

If you are looking for a complicated money management application that promises you to do everything you ever wanted, then you have to keep looking because this app is not for you. This expense tracker & manager promises to be a very simple, intuitive and straight forward mobile application that helps and assists you to track all your expenses, manage your budgets/costs and organize your spending, enabling you to make savings and order in your financial life.

Organize your incomes, manage your family budget, keep track of expenses while traveling and understand where all your money are with some great, yet simple features.

Main features:

- intuitive, clean and simple way of adding daily expenses and incomes
- main screen calendar that gives a quick monthly overview over all transactions
- integrated calculator - sum up all your bills without leaving the application
- interactive charts that let's you quickly analyze your expenses and incomes
- expense, income & balance critical reports
- weekly/monthly/yearly and custom report time periods - monitors and analyze past expenses
- reminders - set reminders for future inflow or outflow transactions - recurrent payments -> never miss another deadline
- transactions balance - day, week, month, year
- expense and income category filter
- a compact yet comprehensive list of expense and income categories
- add or edit categories, if defaults don't work for you
- PIN code protection - keep your spending away from curios eyes
- world currencies - over 100 currencies with accurate currency symbols
- currency number format - decimal separator

This expense tracker application is dedicated in helping you manage your financial life, easily, efficiently and with no complications.

Find out more and follow us on :
Official website :
Facebook :

BankTree Personal Finance

BankTree Personal Finance


BankTree personal finance will help you to understand where your money goes, so you can plan to spend more wisely. Manage your personal and family finance on your iPhone or iPad. You don’t need a notebook and pen or Excel.

With this handy application, you can start to keep track of your spending, plan your budget to save your money. Money management is now intuitive, fun and stress free.


1. Expense tracker & Money manager
Keep track of all spending on a daily basis in just a few minutes. You only need to key in a few details and choose a category, it's that simple.

2. Budget planner
Easy to manage budgets for all expenses or specific category for a week, month or even year. See when you reach a limit on a budget.

3. In-depth reports
We provides bar and pie charts, which give you an accurate picture of your total expense, income or balance for the month, week and more. Stay on top of your money.

4. Bill reminder
Never miss a bill because you can schedule for upcoming bills such as rental, Internet or monthly subscription, in just a few steps. See when the bill is due each month, and when to spend less and save more money.

5. Receipt capture
Do you want to see your receipt on your computer? Take a picture of your receipt and attach to your transaction. Synchronize the mobile app with the desktop application and see your receipt added to your transaction on your computer.

6. Cloud Syncing with top-notch security level
If you have more than one device or are using both iPhone or iPad, you can rely on our app to record all of the transactions and manage your expenditure. It works seamlessly across devices and platforms. From iPhone, iPad to PC & laptop, securely access your data from anywhere and any devices so you can fully control your money, budgets, and finances. Link with the BankTree personal finance desktop application or the BankTree Online web application.


- Currency converter tool
- Multiple currencies, account transfers
- Schedule for future and recurring transactions
- Split transactions for multiple category transactions
- Backup and restore, link to Dropbox or Google Drive
- Export to CSV or QIF file
- Built in pass code protection
- Help & Support

Upgrade to PREMIUM for the following features:

- Link with Google Drive, Smart Sync across all devices
- Add schedule transactions and forecast bills
- Add budget planner for your spending and saving goals
- Add backup and restore and export to CSV and QIF

For further help and support please contact us

Clarification for Access Permissions:

-Photos / Media / Files
Attach your receipts and photos to each transaction.

Save your images, transactions, backup and restore data files.

-Network / WiFi
Update files to cloud, and obtain currency exchange rates.

Note: To setup the Windows Desktop / Cloud synchronization follow the instructions provided after selecting 'Sync with BankTree desktop'.

My Money - Track Your Budget and Expenses

My Money - Track Your Budget and Expenses

Karoly Nyisztor

My Money - the safe and easy way to track your money. Not only does it have a great interface, but it's also ridiculously easy to use.

No tedious setup or internet connection required to start using the app. Simply set up a budget and enter your spendings.
Easy-to-understand graphs show you where your money is going so you get a clear picture of your spending and your net worth. Know how much you have left to spend so that you never go into debt again.

My Money is the best choice for anyone new to personal finance apps, and anyone who wants to get started, and keep at it, with as little effort as possible.


- Very easy to use
- iCloud synchronisation of application data across devices

- Great UI design and easy-to-understand graphs

- Unlimited number of budgets (daily, weekly, monthly, one time)

- Export to PDF

- AirPrint
- Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly stats

- Custom expense and income categories

- Number pad with calculation

- …many other things that will make your day brighter

My Money requires no personal information be given to start using it. Just set up a budget and start adding your income and expense items. The app will do the math for you.

The app’s main page shows at a glance how your budget is doing. It’s like a financial thermometer which turns from green to red as you're nearing the predefined limit.

Adding income and expenses can be done in very few steps, which makes entering things on a regular basis painless. You can go back and add expenses after the fact, so you won’t feel obligated to check in every single day.

There are predefined expense and income categories to choose from and you can add your own whenever you want.


You are not limited to tracking a single budget: the app allows you to track specific areas of finance instead of everything you spend. Create as many different financial ‘plans’ as you wish – whether it’s about bill payments, expense claims, budgeting for vacation and holidays and so on. You can even use the app to count calories when you are on a diet…

You can choose between daily, weekly and monthly plans, or define custom, one time plans.


My Money features an easy-to-understand statistical view with bar charts to see where you are spending too much and where you need to cut back.

You can switch between daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views. Each bar represents the expenses for the chosen unit of time, and the colored segments show the expense types for that given day, week, month, or year.

Tapping the bar will show underneath the charts a breakdown by expense categories on what you spend the most money on.

You can export to PDF or print the selected range.

The History view allows you to easily and quickly scroll through everything you've added organized by date. You can refine the date range of the items to be shown and you can update any of the previously saved entries.


Reports can be exported as PDF-attachments via e-Mail. 
Additionally, you can also transfer them directly from your device to a compatible printer on your Wi-Fi network.

Do you have multiple iOS devices? You only have to enter your expenses once - data will be automatically updated across all your devices. All you have to do is to enable iCloud sync in the options menu.

Connect with us:


With this app in your pocket, you can instantly check whether you are within the planned budget.
My Money will help you in improving your financial position, and keep more cash in your wallet!