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SHAREit: Transfer, Share Files
Send Anywhere - File Transfer
CloudApp - Screen Capture
FSharing - Files, File Manager

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Easy to send and receive files
SHAREit: Transfer, Share Files


SHAREit Technologies Co. Ltd

Share large files without using mobile data

SHAREit is an app that lets you connect to other devices, even Android devices, with ease. It uses Wi-Fi so you aren't consuming your mobile data, and can even create an ad hoc Wi-Fi hotspot for sharing files with people nearby.

Send Anywhere - File Transfer
Send Anywhere - File Transfer

Send Anywhere

Rakuten Symphony Korea, Inc.

Send Anywhere: Easy, quick, and unlimited file sharing

Send Anywhere: Easy, quick, and unlimited file sharing

Send your photos and videos in original size to your PC, share them with your friends, transfer your music files to your iPhone. You can send to anywhere you want instantly, for free. No login or registration required.

• 6-Digit Key
A security key that lets you send and receive files on Send Anywhere. It...

Sharin - Access Transfer View Cloud & WiFi Files
Sharin - Access Transfer View Cloud & WiFi Files


Surasys pvt ltd

Sharin - Access Transfer View Cloud & WiFi Files

Sharin - Access Transfer View Cloud & WiFi Files

Do you wish to explore, connect and transfer files in your WiFi network to and from your Cloud Storage?

Do you wish to share your iPad files wirelessly with another iPad?

Do you want to connect, access, browse, upload and download multiple files in Computers in your network?

Do you want to transfer...

CloudApp - Screen Capture
CloudApp - Screen Capture



CloudApp is an easy-to-use visual communication app that captures videos, screenshots, and file uploads on iPhone and makes them instantly shareable with an easy to use link

Another great mobile option for CloudApp users.

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Nasuni Corporation

Nasuni Mobile provides secure access to your corporate documents, photos, video and other data stored with Nasuni. It’s simple, secure and approved by your IT department. Get access to all your data, all the time.

The Nasuni Mobile App is a free download, but you must be a Nasuni customer...

FSharing - Files, File Manager
FSharing - Files, File Manager
FSharing - Files, File Manager

FSharing - Files, File Manager

Ngan Tran

FSharing is a unique and exclusive file manager for iOS devices, It's the first app on the App Store to give you flexibilities to transfer files from iOS devices to PC, laptops and vice versa easily. It overcomes the complexities when you want to transfer files with iOS devices, It...

Bluetooth U+
Bluetooth U+
Bluetooth U+

Bluetooth U+


Bluetooth U+ ensure both devices(iPhone&iPod&iPad) transfer files mutually, No file type restrictions.

*****specifically as follows:

*****Bluetooth Action
** Looking for other iPad/iPhone/iPod
** Share files from local document via bluetooth
** Interrupt and resume downloading at any time
** Multiple File Transfers (Choose your files and transfer at once)

Jumpshare: Secure File Sharing
Jumpshare: Secure File Sharing
Jumpshare: Secure File Sharing

Jumpshare: Secure File Sharing

Jumpshare, Inc.

Jumpshare is an incredibly fast and secure file sharing, image annotation, and collaboration app that works in real-time. Get a shareable link as soon you start uploading, or share your files via email directly from the app. It’s the fastest way to share photos, videos, documents and everything else you...

DropCopy mobile
DropCopy mobile
DropCopy mobile

DropCopy mobile

10base-t Interactive

DropCopy - easily share files and clipboard text between iPhones, iPod Touches and Macintosh computers.

DropCopy is designed to function as intuitively as possible: simply launch it on 2 or more iOS devices (or computers) that are on the same Wifi network and the devices will automatically "see" each other....

Resilio Sync
Resilio Sync
Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync

Resilio Inc.

Sync is the best way to transfer files between your Mac, PC, NAS, and even server.

Create your own private cloud. Connect devices and sync files securely without sending them on third-party servers. We don’t limit your speed or storage space: our technology works especially well with huge files.


Simple Transfer - Photo+Video
Simple Transfer - Photo+Video
Simple Transfer - Photo+Video

Simple Transfer - Photo+Video

Rambax, LLC

With over 5 million downloads, Simple Transfer is the easiest way of transferring your photos and large videos to computer using WiFi or USB. It can also convert HEIC photos to JPG, HEVC videos to MOV/MP4 and Live Photos to videos.

●●●●● "Have never looked back since finding this app! Couldn't...

Photo Transfer: Data Sharing
Photo Transfer: Data Sharing
Photo Transfer: Data Sharing

Photo Transfer: Data Sharing

Yevgen Plokhoi

What people think of Image Transfer Plus
"Very easy to send from/ to : PC, iPhone, iPad . Simple and nice. Love it", Alezer PO
"it's definitely the best app in its category.", Incineration

► Transfer your photos between iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC
► Very easy to use
► Super fast, safe and reliable

Instashare Air Drop
Instashare Air Drop
Instashare Air Drop

Instashare Air Drop

Lukas Foldyna

ransfer files the easy way, just drag & drop the file and we will handle the rest. Like Apple AirDrop, but works and on all major platforms and computers that don't support AirDrop.

With millions of downloads in the App Store, thousands of happy users and millions of photo and file...



MarkelSoft, Inc.

Wirelessly share any size photos and videos from one iPhone or iPad to another. You can also share using services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iMessage, Mail, Clipboard, iCloud Photo Sharing, Evernote, Instagram or even print using your printer. Transfer full resolution photos and videos painlessly or use photo quality...

Send files or links from your iOS devices

With Pushbullet, you can easily send files to and from your iPhone, fast.




Pushbullet is an app that allows you to share files, links, and more between your devices and your PC or Mac. File transfers are lightning fast, and the app supports the iOS Share extension for sending just about any file from anywhere on your iPhone or iPad.

Swift Photo+ File Transfer App
Swift Photo+ File Transfer App
Swift Photo+ File Transfer App

Swift Photo+ File Transfer App

Sun Guimei

Swift, the ever best app for transferring photos and videos face to face, and the fastest tool for backing up photos and videos to your computer.
Free but cool, NO In-App-Purchase.
With one Swift app only, you can transfer and sync your photos and videos to any devices.
Also, you can transfer the...

DropCopy mobile, Lite
DropCopy mobile, Lite
DropCopy mobile, Lite

DropCopy mobile, Lite

10base-t Interactive

DropCopy - easily share files and clipboard text between iPhones, iPod Touches and Macintosh computers.

DropCopy lite is a way to try out DropCopy for free to see how it works for you. It contains all the features of the full version, but the number of file previews is limited...



CodeLathe Technologies Inc

FileCloud is the best content collaboration platform. It offers secure file sharing, sync and mobile access for small businesses, enterprises, universities, and hosting companies.

With FileCloud, easily secure, protect, and manage your company's data and intellectual property. FileCloud works on your own infrastructure or on-premises. It can be installed on your...

Bluetooth Share Center
Bluetooth Share Center
Bluetooth Share Center

Bluetooth Share Center

Awsam Tech LLP

Quickly import photos & videos taken from X hours ago and easily share them.
Uses the iOS AirDrop feature to transfer files quickly without cellular data usage.
Option to automatically convert HEIC images to JPEG format for better compatibility.

- Multiple File Transfers (Choose your files and transfer them at once)
- Import from...

FileHopper File Sharing
FileHopper File Sharing
FileHopper File Sharing

FileHopper File Sharing

SecurityCoverage, Inc.

Take our Premium version for a test drive with a FREE full-access, 30 day trial. If you like it after the 30 day trial, you can purchase the Premium version for just $11.99 per year.

• Premium version upgrades you from 2GB to 5GB or more of cloud-based storage for even...

Instashare Air Drop Second Ed
Instashare Air Drop Second Ed
Instashare Air Drop Second Ed

Instashare Air Drop Second Ed

Lukas Foldyna

ransfer files the easy way, just drag & drop the file and we will handle the rest. Like Apple AirDrop, but works and on all major platforms and computers that don't support AirDrop.

With millions of downloads in the App Store, thousands of happy users and millions of photo and file...



Nero AG

Transfer anytime, anywhere: Share and transfer files easily, quickly, and without limits between different platforms!

No USB cable needed anymore! Wirelessly transfer your media content between mobile devices, PC, MAC - no complex setup, no additional application needed.

【Easy to use & cross platforms】
- Find nearby devices automatically
- One tap to send...



Timo Josten

Dropshare is an easy-to-use app for iOS that allows you to quickly share single files via download URL. Upload files, photos, videos, anything from your iOS device to your trusted storage provider.

Supported Storage Providers include Cloud, File and Image Storage Services as well as Protocol Services like:

Cloud Storage Services:
* Dropshare...

Transfer Pro
Transfer Pro
Transfer Pro

Transfer Pro

Farzad Rashvand

Transfer Pro
Transfer Pro is the quickest and easiest way to move all files from iOS device to another iOS device, with style.
Put what you want to send on the Transfer table, connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and flick it off-screen where you want it to go!

You can add files...

FotoSwipe: File Phone Transfer
FotoSwipe: File Phone Transfer
FotoSwipe: File Phone Transfer

FotoSwipe: File Phone Transfer

FotoSwipe, Inc.

Transfer photos, videos, contacts and files with FotoSwipe’s powerful cross-platform file sharing app. Photo sharing, video sharing, contact sharing, and file sharing, are all made easy. FotoSwipe even supports document file sharing!

Photo transfer between your devices is fast and simple; whether you are transferring between two iOS devices, iOS and...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Secret Delivery

Secret Delivery


Feel confident sending sensitive photos, messages or documents? SECRET DELIVERY is perfect to make your SMS, MMS, iMessage and File Attachments secure.

Finally, the easiest app to protect your private information! Not only private messaging but ALSO secret FILE sharing through SMS, MMS, iMessage, Email and Social Networks.

Do you realize that if someone gets access to your phone, they could see every message and file that you've sent? Don’t let your private life become public!
Download Secret Delivery App if you want to send private files and messages encrypted with passwords that no one can break (not even your parents!)

Secret Delivery uses AES Encryption, a standard encryption algorithm, commonly used by governments and businesses.

Compose Your Private Message or Choose a File
Tap “Encrypt”
Enter a Password

YOU CAN NOW ENCRYPT FILES OUTSIDE OF THE APP: Email attachments, photo gallery etc.

Recipient Must have Secret Delivery App and a Password
They Get Your Private Message/File
Tap “Decrypt”
They Have Exclusive Access to View, Save or Send

You can now preview your encrypted files
You can encrypt/decrypt files outside of the app
Enjoy New Intuitive Interface
Rename Your Encrypted Files

Don’t just hide files on your phone. Quickly password lock and send your messages, photos, videos and other files.


Reminder: Recipients must have the application to decrypt any messages/files encrypted with Secret Delivery.

File Transfer  PRO

File Transfer PRO

Forval Telecom, Inc.

■There is a change in the supported OS version from version " 1.2.9 " .
Thank you for your use of the recommended environment .

Recommended environment
・Supported OS:iOS12 and later
(Installable OS:iOS10 and later)
・App version:1.2.9 and later

※For file sending , App version " 1.2.5 " or later and , it can not do the communication in earlier versions . It is recommended to update to App version " 1.2.5 " .

■About communication with Bluetooth
(Only for use with iOS 11 or later)

Please use Bluetooth · WiFi settings with both settings on.
You do not need to be connected to WiFi.

File Transfer PRO lets you easily transfer photos, images and files on an iPad or iPhone over to another iPad or iPhone.
This software lets you transfer files to one or to multiple terminals allowing you to share photos and videos with friends, share documents, and hold paperless meetings at your school or office.
You can zip and unzip files and folders, making it useful for business, too.
It is packed with security features, enabling you to add a password when sending a file, set a time limit for file browsing, and lock the application when it starts.

See the instruction video on our company website or refer to our manual.

Sending files is easy.

1.《Sending Side》To send a file, the file must first be imported into "File Transfer PRO".
  ・ Import a file by linking from another application (Open In...).
  ・ Import photos or videos from PhotoLibrary.
  ・ Imports files from iTunesSync.
  ・ Server download
2.《Receiving Side》start "File Transfer".
3.《Sending Side》Select the file to send and Tap the "Send" button.
4.《Receiving Side》 tap the "Receive" button.
  When the file receiving starts, the message changes from “Ready for receiving…” to “Receiving…”
5.《Receiving Side》When the file receiving is completed, the received file appears.
6.《Sending Side》When sending to the device waiting to receive the file is completed, the following message appears: "Send Completed."
  Tap "Cancel" to finish the sending process.
  To continue the sending process, wait without tapping Cancel.You can continue to transfer.

【Key features】
・Send Files
・Receive Files
・Change a File or a Folder Name
・Delete Files and Folders
・Importe Photos or Videos from PhotoLibrary
・Importe from iTunesSync
・Send to iTunesSync
・Attach a File to an E-mail
・Open a File in Another App
・Save to PhotoLibrary
・Edit(Change the File and Folder Sort Order,Select or Deselect All Files)
・Change the Wallpaper
・Set My Wallpaper
・Creat a Folder
・Move Files or Folders

【Functions Available in File Transfer PRO】
・Send Files with a Password
・Send Files with a Time Limit for Browsing
・Create a Zip File
・Unzip a Zip File
・PC Connect
・WebDAV and SMB connections are supported
・Set a password for when the app starts

Number of connection terminals: Wi-Fi: 5 recommended, Bluetooth: 3 recommended
Transfer size: Wi-Fi: up to 2MB recommended, Bluetooth: up to 1MB recommended
*Varies depending on actual communication environment

■ About Allowing Access to PhotoLibrary
The first time you perform one of the following operations that accesses to PhotoLibrary, a pop-up appears to confirm whether to allow access to photos.

・Import from PhotoLibrary
・Save to PhotoLibrary
・Set My Wallpaper

To perform these operations, access to photos must be allowed.
This setting is required by iOS. The app does not use Location Services.

If you did not allow its use the first time, configure the setting as follows.

Go to "Settings" - "Privacy" - "Photos", then set the "File Transfer" switch to "ON".

<Compatible Models>
・iPhone5, iPhone5s, iPhone5c, iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus, iPhone6s, iPhone6s Plus, iPhoneSE, iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus, iPhone8, iPhoneX, iPhoneXS, iPhoneXS Max, iPhoneXR
・iPad(4th gen), iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro(2nd gen) 10.5inch



Wenjoy Technology Inc.

When it comes to transferring files to others from your cell phone, have you ever wished the receiver would delete the file after reading or be prohibited from forwarding the file, so that no possible damage can be done in the future? We want to bring to your attention that email is not the only way to send files. In this era of mobility, you can switch to using the eXpress2U app to send confidential or sensitive files, including photos and video. Not only can you monitor whether the file has been received or its progress of being downloaded, you don’t ever need to worry about unauthorized spreading of data. The whole transmission process is encrypted. No trace of data is left on the network.

Key Features:
• Register with a personal cell phone number and start to use the app immediately. Transfer to anyone who has this app installed, as long as you know his cell phone number.
• See the progress of the file being downloaded by the other party.
• The messaging utility makes it easier for the sender and receiver to leave messages for each other, or to discuss with each other.
• You can activate four kinds of file-protection mechanism upon transfer: [No Protect], [Read only], [Delete when expired] and [Delete after browsing].
• [Read only] means the receiver can only browse the received file within the app. It cannot be saved to other apps, sent out via email, uploaded to PC, or saved to photo album.
• [Delete when expired] means the received file will automatically be destructed by a specified time.
• [Delete after browsing] means the received file will be destroyed after having being opened once.
• X2U can detect any iPhone or iPad on the same WiFi network, as long as these devices are registered with the same cell phone number, and let the user transfer files among the devices.
• All files are transferred as-is, including photos and videos. Picture resolution is not reduced.
• File and message transmission is encrypted end-to-end.
• Receiving files, sending messages and WiFi transfers are totally free. A complimentary capacity of 30MB file sending quota for trial usage.

• File types supported include:
- Video files (mp4, mov, m4v…), Audio files (aac, mp3, m4a…)
- Image files (jpg, tif, png, gif, bmp, BMPf, ico, cur, xbm)
- MS Office (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx…)
- iWorks '09, '08, '06 files (key, numbers, pages…)
- PDF file (pdf)
- Text files (txt, rtf, rtfd)
- Web files (htm, html, xml, svg), Safari Web Archives (webarchive)
- Compressed files (zip, rar)

Easy Photo Video Transfer Lite

Easy Photo Video Transfer Lite

Zoraida Ojeda

The easiest way to transfer, backup and share your photos and videos!, to your PC and between iPhones and iPads or the Cloud

Everything to your Photo Library. Easy Media Transfer includes:

• Use any web browser from your computer to download and upload Photos and Videos from your !!!!device!!!!, everything from and to your photo library.

• Transfer photos and videos between iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices, using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Everything directly to and from your photo library.

• WebDAV, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive and Google Drive access: Download and Upload photos and Videos from and to your account, Also includes a Photo Viewer to see your photos directly from your Account. Everything from your photo library.

• Import photos and Videos through iTunes from the apps tab of the device.

• Export video in slow motion, you can select the part of the video you want to Slow motion mode.

• Select all the ones you want to send, without limits. A photo viewer and video player is included.

• The photos and videos are in full resolution and the photo information is kept in the transfers. Also you can select between 3 qualities and custom quality for the photos.

• The properties of the photos are kept even when the quality is reduced.

• Transfer photos in RAW formats between iPad and computer, iPads and Dropbox, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive and Box.
• Works with any computer with an Internet Browser.

• You can select an Album to save the received Photos and Videos, also create new Albums.

• Download the Photos and Videos with its original filename and date.

• Universal App, install this app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


• To transfer photos from one device to another both devices need to have this app installed.
• Free version allows you to transfer up to 5 photos at once at medium quality. Upgrade to PRO version and transfer all the photos you want also with Full Quality.

More details:
Facebook: JR Mobile Apps
Twitter: @jrmobileapps

FTP Client Pro

FTP Client Pro

LessIsMore Development

The best professional FTP Client in the App Store with all the functionality that you need.

Downloads: > 380.000
Daily users: > 5.000
5 star reviews: > 2.500

Ranked #1 Business in Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Slovenia, New Zealand, Lithuania, Poland, Finland and more.

> Supports SFTP and FTPS (implicit and explicit). Private keys are supported.

> Upload photos/videos. Files are uploaded in their native uncompressed format with meta data preserved.

> View image files (jpg, bmp, png, gif, etc). Supports gridview.

> Edit text files (txt, css, php, xml, html, csv, htm, etc). If support is missing for a text file extension please contact and it will be added.

> Text editor functionality: Color coding, Preview, Text wrapping on/off, Search/Replace (supports regular expressions), Line numbers, extended code keyboard for iPad.

> View text files (doc, txt, rtf, pdf, pps, xls, etc).

> Play audio and video files (mp3, avi, mov, basically whatever apple supports).

> Move, copy, rename, delete files and folders. Folder actions are shown with the long press gesture.

> Create new files and folders.

> Send files or file links in an email.

> All encodings supported (Asian, Cyrillic, Arabic, etc.).

> Multiple logins can be bookmarked.

> Supports both Passive and Active mode.

> Password protection of app. Supports Touch Id.

> Change file/folder permissions (CHMOD).

> Sort files by name, date, size and file type.

> Zip and unzip downloaded files. Unrar also supported

> Supports custom port.

> Possible to open files in other apps that supports importing.

> Upload files from email or other apps that supports exporting.

User reviews:

"This app is easy to use and works as advertised. And the devs rock. They responded quickly to my question and even helped me troubleshoot a problem with my Mac that was unrelated to the app. You can't go wrong with this purchase. Highly recommended!"

"Since this started supporting sftp, I use it all the time in my IT work. Very handy and works well."

"This makes editing and adding pages super easy. I'm really happy with the stability and the ability to maintain a connection while working with content from other apps. No problems and only good experiences. Thanks for a solid app!"

"Nice, clean app for transferring files and updating HTML and CSS. The editor is nice and easy to use, common symbols very quickly accessed. Support responded quickly and was very helpful at helping me set everything up right."

"I've been looking for a simple/complete file transfer app so that I can securely put and get files between my iPad and PC. I wish I had tried this before all of the other train wrecks! Great job on the app!!"

"I was out of my office and needed to fix a PHP script for one of my clients, and that worked perfect for me.
I totally recommend."

You can test the free Lite version of "FTP Client Pro" called "FTP Client Lite".


Bluetooth & Wifi Tool Box- Photo Share Video Share

Bluetooth & Wifi Tool Box- Photo Share Video Share

Pocket Books

Bluetooth Tool Box is the greatest arrangement of the best Bluetooth utility applications for your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

An easy to use app and great collection of all the must needed Sharing features (File Share, Photo Share, Video Share & Contact Share). Use all of these features with other iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad) using Bluetooth or Wifi.

And more features will come regularly with timely updates.

● Share Photos with other iOS devices from your Photo Library
● Receive Photos from other iOS devices in your Photo Library

● Share Videos with other iOS devices from your Photo Library
● Receive Videos from other iOS devices in your Photo Library

CONTACT SHARE (Available in Pro Version)
● Share Contacts with other iOS devices from your Contact List
● Receive Contacts from other iOS devices & Save into your Contact List

FILE SHARE (Available in Pro Version)
● Share Files with other iOS devices from your App Document Directory
● Receive Files from other iOS devices into your App Document Directory
● Store Files (Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG, PNG & Others) in App Document Directory using iTunes (Mac or PC Version)

● Must have this app in all your devices (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad) & open together to get connected with each other
● Make sure Bluetooth is turned ON or all devices are in the same Wifi network
● Download the latest version of this app in all your devices